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Zsweet Sugar Substitute Sweetener Natural Artificial Sucralose Splenda Saccharin Aspartame

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The search is over, the best sugar substitute is Zsweet all natural sweetener. "Prove it!" you say? Ok, I will.

Every individual has different needs when choosing a sugar substitute: the dieter wants it to be zero calories, with no hidden calories like many other so-called "zero calorie sweeteners"; the health nut wants it to be natural, GMO-free, free of artificial ingredients and flavors like MSG and not chemically processed; the diabetic needs it to be zero glycemic impact; people with candida want it to be sugar-free and also without certain fillers that will feed their candida; Moms want an alternative to sugar that won't cause cavities and send their kids into a sugar rush; sugar-free veterans don't want another sweetener that's going to having them rushing to the bathroom after each use or that has a bitter aftertaste; there's also the gluten-free and low-carb eaters, the vegans and those who eat kosher. You can make different suggestions for each of these people as to which sugar substitute will fit their individual needs, or you can recommend the same sweetener to all of these people and cover everyone's needs together all at once by recommending Zsweet.

Zsweet is naturally zero calories, zero glycemic index, zero net-carbs, vegan, kosher, gluten-free, GMO-free, MSG-free, will not promote candida growth or tooth decay, will not cause gastric distress and contains no known allergens. It's the all-in-one zero worries sweetener. You can happily serve Zsweet to any family member or friend, especially those with dietary restrictions, with confidence and peace of mind.

Zsweet is made using a natural culturing process, fermenting sugar to produce erythritol, a natural sugar alcohol and then after adding natural non-citrus fruit extracts, Zsweet crystalizes. The end result is similar to sugar in texture and taste. Unlike artificial sweeteners, aspartame, saccharin, and sucralose, Zsweet is not made in a laboratory and is not a man-made chemical compound that can not be found in nature. All of the ingredients in Zsweet can be found in fruits and plants.

Why is Zsweet better than plain old erythritol? A few reasons. First, plain erythritol is only 70% as sweet as sugar, but after adding our trade secret blend of natural fruit extracts, Zsweet granular is 100% the same as sugar, and supersweet Zsweet packets are twice as sweet as sugar.

Second, plain erythritol has a minty aftertaste or cooling effect as some describe it. Most people find this aftertaste very unpleasant in coffee and baked goods. Zsweet's blend has eliminated that aftertaste to produce a taste that is sweet like sugar with no lingering cooling sensation. This makes Zsweet a great natural sugar alternative for cooking and baking. We recommend using recipes that are formulated for Zsweet or erythritol to get the best results.

Third, even though clinical studies have shown that erythritol is the most mild sugar alcohol and thus not required by the FDA to carry a warning label, if consumed in large quantities plain erythritol can cause a laxative effect, especially for those sensitive to sugar alcohols. Zsweet has been able to reduce the amount of erythritol to 1 gm per serving in our supersweet packets, therefore those with sensitivities can benefit from the high potency of the supersweet blend and keep their sugar alcohol intake to a minimum.

Zsweet has been recommended by Dr.'s Nicholas Perricone, Andrew Weil and Julian Whitaker as a natural and healthy alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. Zsweet can be found at Whole Foods Market and other natural retailers nation-wide as well as online at and overseas at

Consider all the benefits, try Zsweet for yourself, and see if you're as convinced as I am, that it's really the best sugar substitute out there.

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