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In doing the Yoga Stork Pose you mimic the stork in the way it stands on one leg, hence this pose is so named. This pose aims at nourishing your hips, lower back and legs. This is not a strenuous exercise and is part of the Gentle yoga series of poses.

But those who suffer from any knee injury or postural vertigo should consult their physician before proceeding to do this pose. If you are doing this pose alone at home, then have a yoga tutor come over to guide you initially, so that you do it right the first time itself.

Stand erect on a mat and ensure that your spine is not curved either to your right or left. An erect standing posture is very necessary for this standing and balancing pose. Stand with your heels together and feet spread outwards. This gives you a stable base.

Soften your shoulders and keep them relaxed. Stiffen the muscles of the right leg and dig the right foot into the ground to give you a firm base as you do the next step. Now inhale, and as you exhale lift your left leg by bending it from the knee and gradually raise your left thigh.

When you are learning to do this pose, position yourself with a wall or a table on one side, to which you could lean on to for maintaining your balance, just in case you need to. Having a friend to help you to hold your balance, would be good idea too.

As you lift your left leg, point your toes downwards. After you are comfortably balanced, raise your arms and touch the fingertips of your right palm to those of your left. You need not join your palms or clench your hands. The reason for joining your fingertips is to give you mainly a psychological support that will help you to hold your balance.

Now you are balanced on your right foot, and your fingertips are lightly touching each other. Breathe gently as you inhale deeply, followed by a sustained and long exhalation. Now raise your arms to take your palms directly above your head, while keeping the right and left fingertips touching each other.

In case, you feel that you are about to lose your balance, lower your upraised left foot and touch the floor lightly with the tips of your toes, without resting your foot on the floor.

Be in this position for three to four minutes, or as long as you feel comfortable. Repeat this step by placing your left foot firmly on the floor and raising your right foot.


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