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The Yoga Rooster pose is a simple acrobatic pose where you balance yourself on your palms and wrists. This pose is named the Rooster pose as you look like a rooster when you do this pose. You nourish your shoulders triceps, biceps and wrists when you do this pose. As your wrists bear your entire body weight, this pose is ideal for those who want to improve the suppleness and strength of their wrists.

You start doing this pose from a standing position. Inhale, and as you exhale, bend down from your hips and place your palms on the floor. Stiffen the muscles of your arms and either walk back your feet or jump back, so that your torso is horizontal to the floor. From this position, straighten your arms and raise your shoulders and chest so that your spine is curved. Now raise your hips by straightening your legs too, so that your hips are the highest point in your posture.

Now comes the crucial step of stiffening your arms and in one single deft move lift both your legs and jump forward to bring your legs between your arms and sit on your buttocks. Now cross your legs in the Lotus pose (Padmasana) and maneuver your right arm in between your right inner thigh and shin, and your left arm between your left inner thigh and shin. For those who want to do this pose directly, can start from the cross-legged Lotus pose position.

After you are able to insert both your arms up to the level of your elbows between your crossed legs, place your palms flat on the mat and spread your fingers to reveal the web in between them (your fingers).  Stiffen your triceps, biceps and wrists, and lift your buttocks to balance yourself on your palms. This is a challenging move and beginners would have to practice it over a few weeks and perhaps months till they are able to do it properly. It is natural not to be able to lift yourself this way and fall back to the mat. But do not let this dissuade you from trying this asana (pose).

After you are able to raise your buttocks and hold yourself up this way you would derive the many benefits of this simple acrobatic yoga pose. To succeed in doing this pose, you need to practice sitting cross-legged in the Padmasana (Lotus pose), with your foot soles upturned. This way you lock your legs into each other and you can hold on to this position when you raise your buttocks. If your sit in the normal cross-legged position, there is always the possibility of your legs slipping back to the floor, when you raise your buttocks.




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