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Yoga Flying Bird Pose

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The Flying bird pose of yoga is quite similar to the Cobra pose with subtle differences. Doing this pose benefits your spine, shoulders, triceps, biceps, and wrists. It is also an easy pose to do which is both an exercise and is a relaxing pose as well. This pose is useful in exercising your vertebrae, as your back is one part of the anatomy that rarely is given any exercise unlike your arms and legs. 

You start doing this pose by lying on a yoga mat on your abdomen. Your legs are straight down your hips. Place your feet in such a way that your fingernails touch the mat with toes pointing backwards. Your arms are by your sides and your face turned to one side to facilitate breathing. Inhale deeply, and as you exhale, bend your arms from the elbows and move them (your arms) to bring your palms alongside your chest. Place your palms flat on the floor. 

Push the floor with your palms to give you that slight upward lift and raise your chest and shoulders off the mat. Now press your feet against the floor and lift your palms off the floor. Stiffen your spine to help you to stay in this position. You balance your body only on your spine with your legs pressed against the floor. In this position, your vertebrae are nourished as you need to hold your spine stiff. 

Pause at this position for between five to seven breaths and then place your palms back on the floor. Raise your chest and shoulders a little bit more and then raise your palms aloft the floor once again. Pause, and then introduce a variation in this pose. 

Rest your palms back on the floor and then move your arms by your sides with palms upturned. Raise your chest and shoulders once again while your arms are held up. Now lift your legs off the floor and balance your torso only on your abdomen. Your spine is curved and is held stiff to enable you to stay in this position.

Raise your head and shoulders and also your legs as high as you can and spread your arms outwards with palms outstretched to mimic a bird in flight. Stiffen the muscles of your legs, your glutes (buttocks) as well as your spine and arms to help you to remain in this position. Pause for between five to seven breaths and then exit this pose by gradually and simultaneously lowering your legs, arms and chest to the floor.


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