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Why you are never too old to Pursue your Dreams

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"Why you are never too old to Pursue your Dreams"
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It does not matter if you are ten or a hundred and ten, you are never too old to pursue your dreams.  It is important to always believe that you can make your wishes come true.

The first reason as to why you are never too old to pursue your dreams is because so many people have accomplished their wishes later in life.  Not every Olympic star was born into their sport.  There are writers who toil for year after year, receiving one rejection after the next only to be successful when they are much older.  Women have babies in their fifties.  You may watch all of your friends getting married and think that you are away to old only to find the man of your dreams and become a blushing bride in your sixties.  All of these scenarios continue to happen again and again.  If they can make their dreams come true, then why can't you?

Hard work is very powerful.  A lot of times it is persistence that pays off.  We see the success of so many people - actors, writers, athletes and so forth - but many of them had long journeys to get where they are.  When you give up on your dreams then you are guaranteeing that they cannot come true.  As you grow older, you still have a lot of time to show persistence and to keep trying for what you want.  Sometimes it just takes more time so when you are older is actually when it can occur.

Oftentimes dreams have an element of luck to them.  There are many great singers out there but only a few lucky ones will make it big time.  Sometimes it is just about being in the right place at the right time such as when that record executive just happens to be eating in the karaoke bar.  If you keep trying as you get older you may just find that lucky moment and see your dreams come true.

The biggest reason why you should never feel that you are too old to realize your dreams is because they still might come true.  Why not try?  Sometimes you may also be able to realize part of your dream or find new creative ways to feel like you have succeeded.  You can also be proud of the fact that you are still trying.  Believe that you are never too old to give up on your dreams. 

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