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Why Women are Obsessed with their Weight

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"Why Women are Obsessed with their Weight"
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Women’s obsession isn’t a new thing. It’s been going for decades now and it’s not looking to disappear. The ideal body changes over time but women’s obsession seems to remain when it comes to their weight. The skinny ones wish they could put on a little bit more weight on, the rounder ones wish they could be so much thinner, those with a bit of muscles want to lose some weight to get some feminine curves. Everyone wants something they don’t have even if they look great as it is. Women are obsessed with their weight and this obsession is unlikely to disappear. So why are women so obsessed?

Appearance is important. First impressions last. Before anyone gets to know you as a person they get to know your appearance and they will judge you on that. Women don’t want to be judged negatively and they think that their weight will have a huge influence on how other people perceive them. In many cases they are correct to assume this. In today’s world thinner people are better off but that’s no reason to be obsessed. Being healthy is what matters the most.

Magazines and Hollywood haven’t helped the issue either. Actresses and models have been getting skinnier and skinnier until recently. The weight obsession for them has led to nothing good. Women have died because of their weight obsession and real women don’t understand how unhealthy it is. They want to look like their favorite stars in the magazine pictures even though they know that if they stood in front of them in real life they would look nothing like they do on paper, in fact they may even look worse without all that make up and touch ups than the real woman.

Weight loss has become a hot topic. That’s what people talk about. Women always find something to pick at and they worry that if they aren’t perfect someone will pick on them and so their obsession deepens. Women criticize themselves in the same way they criticize every other woman they encounter. A few extra kilograms and it’s time to go on a diet. Too much at dinner time, next day is detoxification.

Women are obsessed with their weight and this will continue to have this obsession for many years to come. It’s become a disease. We’ve become a society that is obsessed with appearances and achieving the ideal body shape. There is no ideal. Until women realize that they will continue to damage their health and their lives with their weight obsession.

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