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I have asked that question countless of times why do some of our love ones die so young. The first time I asked that question was when I was in elementary school when some of my schoolmates were killed by being in an accident or died from an illness. Before I had finished high school, eight of my classmates that I knew were taken in the prime of their life. Why does this happen? Is there an answer? We will never know that one question the reason for sure why until we have gone to be with the Lord.

As a mother who has lost a child at the age of 11 years old, I have asked the question why why my Cyndy? Why did God take Cyndy in the middle of the night? Why didn't I know that she was dying the night that she died? To this day, I still do not have the answer. My heart was broken when I found her dead in her bed and still breaks. If only I knew that she was dying that night, I would have changed things and never put her into her bed. But, would that have stopped her from dying? No! Cyndy still would have died.

Children have died young from the beginning of the earth. What seems young to us is the right timing for God. The Lord has a set time for each one of us leaving us where we can die when we are in gestation stages or born dead. Some die when they are days, weeks, or months old without a cause. Others die from illness such as cancer as young as a year to ones dying in their teens from childhood cancers. Yet others may die at the hand of their patents from child abuse, or killed in auto accidents or house fires or killed from being hit by an auto. Some of our young ones that die will linger for days, months, or years before dying from their illness. Still, we will not go one second before or a second later then what the Lord has set for us. When we die, our job the Lord has put us here for had been finished and it is time for us to come home to Him for our eternal rest.
When Cyndy died at the young age of eleven, I could see that her body had grown tired. Cyndy had countless of medical problems that plagued her daily. She had touched the hearts that the Lord had sent her to do and it was time for Cyndy to go home and know what life truly is. Cyndy being profoundly handicapped she didn't know what it was a normal life. Because of Cyndy's mental disabilities, she wasn't able to talk or walk well. Cyndy would have countless seizures in a day. What kind of a life was that for her? She didn't know any different. But now she does know the difference. She knows more then we do!

Our doctors had begun to brace us for her dying about six months before she died. We were told that one day Cyndy might have a seizure that will cause addition brain damage that will probably be damaging enough that Cyndy would not be able to live without life support. One day we will have to make the decision to remove her from life support. My husband or I could give the ok for letting Cyndy be taken off life support. God blessed us when Cyndy was taken in the quiet of the night while she slept.

I take comfort because she did go peaceful, she is not suffering, or did we have to decide that we would have question for the rest of our lives did we make the right decision. I have had friends that had to make the decision to take their child off life support and I know from what they have told me it was a hard choice to make. One knew her baby boy would never be more then a vegetable, because of his prematurity. Yet, taking him off life support was painful. I believe that God gives us the grace to bare the loss whether we take the child off life support or they die peacefully in their sleep.

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