Why are People Attracted to Homeopathic Drugs

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"Why are People Attracted to Homeopathic Drugs"
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Homeopathic drugs have become very popular in these times, generating thousands upon thousands of dollars in sales.  Many people actually shun conventional medicine for homeopathic drugs.  Unfortunately, this can create quite a health problem for people since there have been issues with many homeopathic drugs.  Why are people so attracted to homeopathic drugs, many of which are unproven or even tested for safety?  Different people have different reasons, and some of the common ones are explored below.

They do not trust the drug companies and conventional medicine

Some people go to homeopathic drugs because they do not like regular drugs.  A lot of the drug companies have gotten bad press through the years for corruption or for having practices more towards their own benefit than those of their customers.  Some people feel that they only care about making money and not about helping people.  To some extent, this is true, however it does not negate the usefulness of these drugs or make homeopathic drugs any better or safer.  Drugs that go the conventional way must pass through vigorous testing from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which usually takes years.  Although not foolproof, this goes a long way in making safe, effective drugs.  Many of the homeopathic drugs have no such testing, so there is no way to know whether they are effective or safe.  Another things that many people don’t realize is that a lot of the homeopathic drugs have big companies behind them as well with the same goal of making money.  The drug companies make more money when they have a good safe product – obviously that is everyone’s goal. 

They think that because homeopathic drugs are natural, they are safe

Some people equate being natural with being safe and effective.  There are many natural items that are not good for you.  There are many poisons that come from natural sources as well as illegal drugs.  Just because something is natural does not mean it is good for you.  There have been many instances where people were hurt and even died from issues with homeopathic drugs.  Many times they do not start testing for safety until after dangerous results occur.

They believe that they are effective because they have been used for years

Just because something has been used for years does not mean that it is effective.  Even if it seems like it is, it could just be the placebo effect, in which something works because you think it is going to work.  Also, many times, they do not put enough of the drug into it to actually even do anything.

Think long and hard before using homeopathic drugs.  It is not to say that all are bad, but you should learn as much as you can and consider the above points to make a rational and logical decision.

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