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When to be Concerned about Headaches

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"When to be Concerned about Headaches"
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Headaches can be very mild or gnawing, moderate, or very severe. When they become severe, there is cause to be concerned since it may indicate another very serious illness. Let's take a look at what a severe headache might mean.

Sinusitis is something that may cause a severe type of headache right in through the sinus areas. Along with the bad headache, there is usually bad breath, a cough, and a lot of nasal congestion. Those are the symptoms of an acute sinusitis attack. A humidifier may often help many of the symptoms, and in some cases where there is a fever, antibiotics may help.

If you are having a severe headache along with nausea and vomiting, and body numbness in some areas, this is usually indicative of a mirgraine headache. Many people also have auras before the actual migraine headache sets in. If you continually have migraine symptoms, there is medications out there which your doctor may prescribe to help you. Migraine headaches can be very debilitating for some people who have them, but through your doctor experimenting with drug therapy, you are likely to cure these headaches.

If you are having a sudden paralyzing headache along with numbness, trouble seeing, and dizziness, this could be what is known as a TIA, which means transient ischemic attack. The symptoms I have just described are like those of a stroke, which is a TIA is a type of warning of a stroke. These attacks often come one when arteries are narrowed, or there is a blood clot somewhere in the brain. Sometimes these blood clots will occur, and then pass through on their own, but if not, this is when a major stroke can occur. When someone is having ANY of these symptoms, it is imperative that you seek treatment IMMEDIATELY!

Another reason to be concerned about a severe headache is possibly meningitis. In bacterial meningitis there is a very bad headache that won't go away, no appetite, feeling very tired, and hearing loss. Meningitis that is the acute bacterial type is an emergency situation. It is important that if someone you love is having these symptoms, to seek treatment right away.

You must also be concerned about a severe headache if you are, (1) numb all over, (2) are sick to your stomach, and (3) are vomiting. These are symptoms of a brain aneurysm. A brain aneurysm is when a blood vessels swells way out like a balloon. This situation is also an emergency that must be handled as soon as possible or death may occur in a short time depending upon the size of the aneurysm.

In any event, if you are concerned about anything mentioned here, you should talk to your doctor soon. This article is NOT medical advice, but only informational.


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