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When self help Fails

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"When self help Fails"
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"How many of you have self-help books? Okay, that's your first problem. You can't help yourself, because your *self* sucks!"

In comedy there is truth and the above quote, from the Billy Bob Thornton movie 'School For Scoundrels', is true for many who feel that Self Help methods have failed them. But the reality of this perceived failure is you've recognized that you need help but you need a more private or at least less stigmatized method of help.

We live in a time where therapy, medications, and asking "And how do you feel about that?" are no longer restricted to institutions with padded walls and orderlies well versed in low-impact restraint techniques. Our modern vices of reality television, celebrity news, and updated historical research programs reveal that at some point in time everyone needs help in some manner: smoking, sex, alcohol, and drug addiction; obesity, body image, and eating disorders; anxiety, stress, and anti-social tendencies; rage, depression, and mental illness; and the list goes on.

As social creatures we prize not only our privacy but also our peace of mind, without a steady stream of thought we can no longer engage the world at our best and thus we fall into insecurity. Weakness gives over to fear, and fear is the mind-killer. Our motivation for our own betterment means to acknowledge our weaknesses so we can get the help we truly need. Yes, the dreaded four-letter word, 'Help'. From its myriad of definitions help, in this case, means "to improve the condition of" and the definition of 'Self' is "your consciousness of your own identity". Basically you're looking to improve your consciousness of your identity as a functional individual.

And so here you are, with various websites bookmarked on self-help techniques and or a short stack of checked-out library books that are gathering both dust and late fines. Again, this is a good sign, you want help but your own help is lackluster. Your motivation and enthusiasm is for a clear conscious free of trouble and doubt, but if you're blind to your obstacles how can you be your own guide?

If you have trouble breaking habits, addictions, or a negative frame of mind seek out professionals: Counselors, doctors, dieticians, a life coach, or an attorney, if need be. They see people just like you everyday struggling with themselves, and they are there not to judge but to help. The only real obstacle is picking up that phone or stepping into that office and saying "I need some help".

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