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What is a Craniofacial Massage

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"What is a Craniofacial Massage"
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Massage has been used for generations now because of its endless health benefits. It has been used as a therapeutic measure for a variety of conditions being effective and providing relief. It uses the movement of hands and fingers rubbed over the affected muscles, applying variable amounts of pressure, to receive its affects. In many instances, oils and lotions are also used to provide their added benefit as well as to reduce friction.

Massage is known to help heal diseases, eliminate illnesses from the body, provide natural healing to the body, and maintain a feeling of physical as well as mental well being. There are various types of massages that have distinctive benefits on the various parts of the body. However, after receiving regular massages, one can feel promote the healthy body.

Most commonly and popularly, massage is used for the relief of aches and pains seen in fatigued muscles. At the cellular level, muscle cells require oxygen and nutrients, carried by the circulating blood, to function normally. After exertion, muscles have used up all the available oxygen, after which they start to build up lactic acid within the muscles to help them fulfill their oxygen needs. This built up of lactic acid is responsible for producing the ache and pains seen in fatigued muscles. With massage, the blood circulation in the muscles is improved promoting the oxygen supply together with the essential nutrients. Furthermore, the lymphatic flow is also improved removing the waste products from the body. Hence, you get relief from the stressed out muscles. Furthermore, massage will also provide psychological benefits. It will help calm the mind increases your level of alertness and improve your ability concentrate as well. 

Massage can also be given while concentrating on certain part of the body. An example of this is the craniofacial massage. It is offered in a variety of spas and massage centers. The craniofacial massage focuses on the muscles present in the head, neck, face, shoulders and the bones present in your skull, also known as the cranial bones. Hence, the name craniofacial massage. A very light touch is used with minimum amount of pressure as the area is quite sensitive. The craniofacial massage often uses the acupressure therapy which uses specific points to release the tension and restore the flow of energy.

The craniofacial massage is quite popular in Egyptian culture. According to the Egyptian belief, craniofacial massage benefits the individual by eliminating the diseases from the body. Furthermore, it promotes the normal functioning that is involved between the cerebral hemispheres of the brain.


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