What are the Types of Cancer with the Worst Prognosis

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"What are the Types of Cancer with the Worst Prognosis"
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When talking about cancers, these are diseases which are usually considered as terminal illnesses and give the patients and the loved ones little hope as to getting the cancer completely cured. With the development of newer medications and technology, the survival rate of a cancer patient has gone up in almost all types of cancers but, it is not to a level which can give relief to those who suffer immensely. The researchers point out that one of the main factors that determines the survival of a cancer patient would be the time of detection. Thus, if detected early, a cancer can be treated to an extent that its ability to shorten lifespan would be diminished to a large extent or cured completely.

Certain researchers point out that, it’s not the cancer that matters but it is the stage of the cancer that would really determine the outcome of the patient. It further emphasizes the fact that was mentioned before as cancers diagnosed later would have a worse outcome than the ones diagnosed early. When a cancer reaches stage IV, it spreads around the entire body and would deposit cancer cells in many organs of which some may give rise to fatal outcomes. For instance, a lung cancer giving rise to brain deposits would have a worse prognosis than lung cancer alone.

When looking at specific cancers, the lung cancer would be the worse cancer to get as it is diagnosed very late and by the time it is diagnosed, it could have reached stage IV. At the same time, the available treatment is not as effective as for certain other cancers. In US, areas which have the highest number of smokers are also the areas with the highest number of lung cancer patients. Thus, all the risk factors along with late detection makes it the worst cancer to get out of the commonest cancers.

Among the other common cancers, colonic cancers would also have a poor prognosis followed by the breast cancers and prostate cancers. When considering the statistics, 5 year survival rate of lung cancers stood by 14.9% with colonic, breast and prostate cancers showed a survival rate of 62.3%, 83.6% and 97.5% respectively.

But, luckily, the cancer patients in US do enjoy a higher survival rate in many of the cancers when compared with their European counterparts and this has been attributed mainly to early detection, quick access to treatment, supportive treatment…etc and could improve further in years to come.

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