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Ways to Break your Cheek Biting Habit

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"Ways to Break your Cheek Biting Habit"
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Breaking a cheek biting habit will not be easy. You will have to approach this problem the same as you would any other bad habit. Most cheek biters develop this habit early in their life. By the time they reach their adult years, it is a daily occurrence. Stress and anxiety play a huge role in how frequent you nibble on the inside of your cheeks.  If you want to break this habit you will have to look at some of the reasons why you continue this unhealthy habit.

♦ Why you bite your cheeks

There are likely multiple reasons, but stress is a huge factor when it comes to biting the inside of your cheeks. Boredom and underlying jaw problems also contribute to the formation of this habit.  Before you try and break this habit on your own, visit your doctor and your dentist. Ask their advice on how to quit the biting. Rule out any underlying dental or jaw conditions that may be the cause of your problem.

♦ Ways to break the cheek biting habit

1. The first step is to recognize your stress levels. Do you find yourself biting your cheeks randomly, or is it at peak times of stress during your day? Recognizing stress in your life, and dealing with it, can help you stop the biting habit.  You will have to focus in on your biting habits. Being aware of your cheek biting habit and stopping as soon as you realize you are doing it will help break the habitual cycle.

2. Give your mouth and teeth something else to bite on. Sugar free gums or lozenges may help you to keep away from chewing your cheeks. If your habit was formed out of boredom, this will likely offer you some relief from this habit. Keep a pack of gum handy for those times when you find yourself biting your cheeks. Stop and pop in the gum and stay alert to what your teeth are doing. It may take you a while to get used to not chewing your cheeks, but like any other habit, this one can be broken.

3. Don't agonize over this habit. Recognize you have a problem and find ways to solve it. If gum doesn't work, try putting a toothpick in your mouth. This will keep your mouth occupied and lessen the chance of biting on your cheeks. It may not look attractive, walking around with a toothpick hanging out of your lips, but this method has been known to work.

Cheek biting is a very common habit in people of all ages. It can lead to other health issues if it continues long term.  If your biting has cause lesions to form inside your mouth, seek your doctor's advice immediately. 

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