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Have you ever woke up beating up your bed partner? Or, just as bad, have even been beaten by your bed partner while they were asleep? Actually this condtion could be more common than you think. It is called Violent sleep disorder.

Scientist believe that this condition is provoked by something. It could be the result of a terrible dream, or an image of something that is frightening that causes the person to react in a violent way. In other studies, violent sleep has been shown to be directly associated with the provoking of another individual, meaning the violent behavior is directed at another person. Other, studies have linked the disorder with a form of dementia.

Violent sleeping can include hitting another person in your sleep, to even sleep walking in order to inflict pain upon another person. It can also include inflicting pain upon yourself.

People who experience violent sleeping never know that it is happening, and do not remember when they wake up. This can be a cause of stress for them, because they are not in control of what they are doing whenever they are sleeping, and to find out that they have violent behavior during their sleep can be a very frightening thing to deal with.

So, what can a person do if they find out that have are experiencing violent sleep disorder? What kind of options are available?

First of all, if you think there is any way possible that you might have this condition, then you need to see your doctor. You doctor can explain to you more about this disorder, and everything that is involved with it. You'll find out more information about is causes, and more about what in means in your specific situation. If you have a friend, or spouse with this disorder, you should also encourage them to visit their doctor. This condition can very very dangerous if left untreated.

How do you treat Violent Sleep Disorder? One treatment of violent sleep disorder is melatonin. Melatonin has been shown to alleviate this disorder. Melatonin is produced naturally in our bodies, and is produced in higher amounts during the night. What melatonin does for us is promote sleep. Therefore, at night we sleep better, because we have more amounts of melatonin. However, people with Violent sleep disorder, usually benefit from receiving extra melatonin treatments. It helps them to sleep better and avoid have the violent behavior during their sleep.

Violent Sleep Disorder is a real medical condition that should always be treated. So, if you or someone you know has experienced this, then you should talk to your doctor, and start treating the condition right away.

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