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Tips for Relieving Sinus Pressure

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"Tips for Relieving Sinus Pressure"
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I cringe at the thought of sinus flare-ups. The pain can be debilitating, not to mention the inability to focus on the task at hand.

While I am not a medical professional, I have had experiences dealing with sinus problems for over 4 decades. Prevention of sinus flare-ups makes life easier and happier.

Perhaps the best suggestion I ever received was from my medical doctor, who said to blow my nose frequently. This means making a conscious effort to remember to do so. He said by blowing the nose, I am loosening up and relieving nasal congestion before it gets plugged up.

The second best recommendation my medical doctor gave was to drink lots of water. The water keeps the mucous loose and watery making it easier to eliminate. Therefore, drinking a glass of water every two hours has become routine especially during allergy times.

Use of a humidifier to moisten the air keeps the nasal passage from excessive drying thereby lessening allergen irritations. However, it is important not to have too much moisture, which could cause mold problems.

Smoke is a know irritant to the sinuses. Avoid smoking, smokers, fireplaces, outdoor grills and bon fires. Also along this line, avoid stores that may have perfumes, candles or incense. Fabric softener sheets could trigger sinus irritation.

A simple reliever once the sinus pressure has developed is to fold hands as if in prayer placing thumbs on either side of bones on top of nose. With pressure on either side of the nose slowly run thumbs down and under cheekbone. When thumbs reach ears turn thumbs down applying pressure all along either side of chin bone until thumbs meet in the center. This procedure is milking the cheek sinus cavity.

Stepping into a steamy bathroom and deeply breathing in the steam can loosen clogged sinus cavities. A heated vaporizer could do this too.

As with most illnesses, getting a good night's sleep helps the body to heal itself. Sneaking in a nap wouldn't hurt either.

Speak with doctor or pharmacist concerning what over-the-counter or prescription medicines are best for you. A salt-based nasal spray will keep the nose membranes from drying out. Use as recommended on bottle.

Lastly, looking into homeopathic remedies is also recommended. An amino acid naturally produced by the body is histidine, which wards off allergy and sinus problems. Instead of taking allergy medicines, you may wish to take the natural form of histidine. Check with a natural foods store or nutritionist concerning the amount to ingest.

Careful prevention of sinusitis may leave you pain free or certainly lessen the frequency and severity.

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