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The Yoga Stretches with Wall Ropes

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"The Yoga Stretches with Wall Ropes"
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You can make your spine supple by doing the Yoga stretches using wall ropes as props. In using wall ropes to do Yoga poses you harness gravity to work for you. Using ropes as a support tool is also useful for those advanced in years, as with advancing age one’s sinews may not be able to match up with the demands of physical exercise. Yoga stretches with wall ropes has your spine as the main pressure point. Once you master this method of doing yoga, it can prove to be more convenient than doing it without any props.

Steps to Do Yoga Stretches using Wall Ropes 

 1.  Stand about a foot length away from a wall which has Yoga wall ropes and belts fixed to it. Breathe easy and relax before proceeding with the following steps.
 2.  Place the belt at the center of your back. Hold the strings of the belt firmly with both your hands
 3.  Lift one foot and place it on the wall and lean on the belt to get the full support of the belt against your back. 
 4.  Lift the other foot too and place it on the wall. Now press your back firmly against the belt. 
 5. With your torso firmly placed on the belt, rest your knees on the wall. As your shins touch the wall you are now in a more secure position. 
 6.  Grip the ropes firmly and bend down your back very gradually. Do not do any jerky movements, but let your back hang on the belt. To make this movement comfortable for you, keep holding the belt lightly as you lower your back. Use this moving handhold to regulate the downward motion of your back.
 7. Hold your ankles with your palms and allow yourself to be in this pose for as long as you find it comfortable. Breathe easy and then exit this pose.

How to Exit the Yoga Stretch using Wall Ropes

 1. Slightly tug your knees with your hands. If there are other ropes along the wall, you may tug at the ropes, and pull your head and shoulders up by gradually straightening your spine. Slide your hand along the rope of the belt that you are using, holding the rope gradually higher. Use this support to pull up your back.
 2. Use your legs as the pivot for that final heaving up of your torso.  Once your back is vertical, place one foot down on the mat followed by the other. Stand up independent of the ropes and breathe easy.

Benefits of the Yoga Stretch using Wall Ropes

This Yoga Stretch using wall ropes makes your spine supple. It is especially helpful that one learns to do this. With advancing age it would not be possible for anyone to do other yoga exercises like the Astanga Backbend or Dropback that have the same benefits as the Yoga Stretch using Wall Ropes.

Who Should Not Do the Yoga Stretch using Wall Ropes

Those who suffer from any acute back, hip or neck related ailment should not do the Yoga stretch using wall ropes. In any case do consult your doctor and yoga therapist before you start doing this pose. 


The Yoga Stretches with Wall Ropes 


How you can actually do the Yoga Stretches with Wall Ropes.


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