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The Real Costs of Medicine without Insurance

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"The Real Costs of Medicine without Insurance"
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As the cost of health care continues to rise for America's populace, it all comes down to the question of: "Do we eat or do we pay for our insurance?" So, sadly, the vast majority of people pay either an excruciating amount of money to have health care Benefits or go with out them altogether because of the escalating cost.

Some of the people that hurt the most are:

People that have existing conditions (insurance companies won't touch them).
People that are self-employed (those policies are too costly).
People that are under-insured (what they have has limits or restrictions).
Working class people that want to provide benefits to ALL of their household members, but cannot or do not want to have to pay $600+ a month.
TEMPS or PART TIMERS (don't get benefits of any kind).
Small Businesses that cannot afford traditional Benefits for their employees.
Employees of large corporations are left in the dust because these companies are cutting back on benefits due to escalating health care costs.
The retired and elderly.

It is said the a socialized health care system in the United States would not work. HMO's are despised by Health care Professionals and disliked by patients even more. And predictions have been made about HMO's becoming obsolete - yesterday's news within the next 2 to 7 years, leaving another 78 million people stranded with no health care benefits.

Is there really an ALTERNATIVE out there to combat or replace costly, restrictive insurances?

Yes, there is. It's known as CDHC and it stands for Consumer Driven Health Care - otherwise known as Discount Health Organizations. Although, still in it's infancy, it's a movement that is quickly becoming the most common sense way to TAME the high cost of health care benefits. The reason experts have attested that this will be a
very practical solution, is because the consumer is in charge of his or her health care choices.

Consumer Driven Health Care is simply a concept whereby the control health care is put back into the hands of you, the consumer, and the health care professionals (Doctor, Dentist etc). One of the reasons this concept is being assimilated in such a positive way, is in part because there so few little choices for consumers when
it comes down to products and services available through traditional insurance plans.

And with the health care crisis escalating out of proportion and with remedies that do not seem to fit a national budget, CDHC is offering an invaluable solution to the health care crisis by providing Benefits and services where the consumer has total control of how they purchase it, when they purchase it and who provides their treatment.

Isn't that how it should be? Why should you be obligated to have services rendered by a physician that you are not comfortable with? Shouldn't you be able to decide who you want to see? Why should you be shackled into a contract? Why should you be penalized if you decided to cancel a policy before the contract is finished?

These questions are a thing of the past with the new CDHC movement.

Here is how it works:

First of all, Consumer Driven Health care plans are NOT insurance; therefore, they do not COVER or PAY anything. It's a simple arrangement where a consumer is able to see a provider and pay a discounted rate at the time of care, that is significantly lower than that providers' normal and customary fees. In other words, the Providers will discount their services way below their normal and customary fees and in exchange, the patient will

pay for treatment and care at the time services are rendered. So, the philosophy behind CDHC is that you take the responsibility for your own health care by spending your money how and where you want or need to spend it.

Some of the positives of these Consumer Driven Health Plans are:

No waiting periods
No limitations when it comes to age
No restrictions on the number of times services can be rendered to you.
No caps
No deductibles
Instant savings at time of care (depending on the company, discounts can range from 15% to 80% off regular fees).
no contracts
No paperwork, claims or TPA's
People with existing conditions will not be rejected. The can freely use these plans like anyone else.
Some have a money back guarantee
They mostly have a very minimal registration fee
Many of these plans are including very HIGH-DEMAND, LUXURY benefits such as Dental, Vision, RX, Chiropractic, Medical, Hospitalization etc.
Monthly Memberships Costs are also on the very low end, ranging from $7 a month to $70.
Most Discount Health Plans will also include every person in your household at not much more of a difference than the cost of a single plan.

So, give yourself the opportunity to explore your alternatives. You are not stuck. There is a way out and CDHC seems to be the most effective so far.

This is of course, my humble opinion. I offer it here because I am one American, who if it weren't for these Discount Health Plan organizations, I would have been paying through the nose for health care.

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