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The Nutritional value of Hot Dogs

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"The Nutritional value of Hot Dogs"
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Hotdogs; we all love them, am I correct? Whether we are going out to a local professional wrestling event, out to watch some awesome formula one racing or a baseball game, we always come into contact with a hotdog vendor roaming through the crowds. Recently, I have even noticed this becoming a common sight in the movie theatre and cinemas during my days and nights out. What is the fascination with this specific food and why is it so popular? If you look into it; what is a hotdog? It is a sausage on a bun; a white bun; meaning even the bread itself is packed full with as much preservatives, E numbers and saturated fats as the hotdog fast-food sausage itself every persons, especially a health freak's worst nightmare!

However; in general what is the nutritional value of a hotdog and does it technically have an efficient and good place in our daily dietary balance? Of course; this is an obvious no. The point is, a hot-dog is a form of sausage which in general is the worst part of the pig. What makes it worse is that it is paired together with the other unwanted parts of the pig and stuffed together with folds of skin and fat so that it can be quickly cooked and quickly served to the awaiting crowds and customers that savor there special taste topped with the favorite dressings such as mustard and tomato ketchup. Hotdogs, all in all, the bread rolls too, are nothing more than fast food, and like all fast food, they do not have a rightful place in out diets and should be treated as nothing more than a personal, one off treat on a day out.

There is currently no nutritional benefits of a hotdog, just like there is no current nutritional benefits of a hamburger or fast fries. It makes you wonder why these foods still to this day, even with all the growing media news coverage of obesity taking over the world, remain so popular. The health benefits are zero and the related medical issues that come with them are atrocious and not worth the taste; quite simply, if you are going to eat a hot dog, make sure it is just that, one hot dog on a one off basis and be careful not to over indulge. In general, and in the long run, you will regret it and the work you have to do to get healthy again is immense. Do not risk it, just resist it.

Do you not just wish that for once all this tasty and unhealthy food could have benefits? Do you not just wish there were healthy hot dogs and hamburgers available on the market? With the popularity of such products; it truly is a wonder why health companies have not taken advantage of it to try and encourage our quite literally growing nations into taking the healthier options. Perhaps this is something for the future? Can you imagine a healthy hot dog? Would that not be amazing?

Until then, folks, I would like to inform you that the nutritional benefits of a hot dog are non existent; avoid including them in your daily diet, except for a one off basis every now and then. Be careful not to over indulge; in general, you and your body will regret it in the long run.

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