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Activities That Stimulate the Left Side of the Brain

The left side of your brain controls the right side of your body. The left side of your brain also does math, talks, spells, reads, likes to play alone, does one thing at a time, asks why, and asks how. Individuals who use the left side of the brain more always arrive on time and are usually early, like to read books about how things work, never get car sick, don't day dream, and are usually laid back. A common comment about a person who relies heavily on their left brain is that they are not bothered by much.

Individuals who primarily use the left side of their brain like to solve puzzles and they really enjoy log puzzles. To stimulate the left side of the brain solve this logic puzzle or any other logic puzzle at to stimulate the left side of the brain:

There are three switches downstairs. Each switch corresponds to one of the three light bulbs in the attic. You can turn the switches on and off and leave them in position. How would you identify which switch corresponds to which light bulb if you are allowed only one trip upstairs? The practical nature of this logic puzzle also appeals to the left side of the brain.

What are some other activities that I can do to stimulate the left side of my brain?

Predict what will happen next week.

Find out how a watch works.

Play a computer game.

Participate in a spelling bee.

Complete a paint-by-number picture following the instructions and staying within the lines.

Do a word search puzzle.

Do a SudoKu puzzle.

Work a math problem.

Play dominoes.

Play bridge.

Write a book review.

Assemble a model kit, a bicycle, or piece of furniture following the instructions.

Make a list.

Go for a jog.

Adopt a dog.

Arrange your linen closet by color.

Balance your checkbook.

Check and correct math problems.

Edit an essay for grammar and punctuation.

Alphabetize your to do list.

Be on time all day.

Count money.

Save money.

Read National Geographic magazine.

Copy a picture using lego blocks.

Organize your files.

Go square dancing.

Learn to play the piano.

Visit a Historic site.

Attend a financial planning lecture.

Read the daily stock report.

Listen to classical music with distinct patterns.

Conduct research to collect facts for a non-fiction article.

Interview an expert to collect details for a non-fiction article.

Study to become an accountant.

In summary, any activity that allows you to think or work sequentially will stimulate the left brain. Any activity that collects and analyzes facts will stimulate the left brain. Details and facts are the domain of the left brain. Be careful about starting any of these activities before going to bed because you may find yourself wide awake for some time as the left brain continues to process and stays stimulated.


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