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Solving the Winter Blues

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"Solving the Winter Blues"
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Although it is a beautiful season, the winter can be a long, cold month and can be depressing to those who do not regularly enjoy the season.  There are a few things that might help you make it through.

One way to survive the winter blues is to take up a winter sport such as skiing, snowboarding, or skating.  If these sports are too dangerous for you or you just don't want to be out in the cold you can always join a gym.  The exercise will help you stay healthy and help the winter pass a little faster. 

Many suffer from the winter blues because after the excitement of Christmas the only thing one has to look forward to is Spring and the endless days till it arrives.  

Hopefully you have allot of hobbies if not than it's time to find a hobby that will interest you and help the time pass.  Puzzles, painting, sewing, knitting or Crocheting are all good hobbies.  And for you guys if you think these hobbies are too girlie you could always do models.  There are many new and interesting models to do today, like ships, planes, and of course cars.  But if you really want a challenge try making a ship in a bottle or an exact replica of the Titanic.   Redecorating the interior of your home is a time consuming and fun challenge that will help the winter fly by and you will have a new show piece for your friends when they show up for those summer barbeque's.

If you are a book hound then make a list of all those books you haven't had time to read and delve into some of the fantasy, romance or thrill of the written word. If you like the crafty side of life get together all those old photos and start putting them in order by making scrap books, you will enjoy showing those old pictures to all your friends.   If you like company on those long winter evenings plan a weekly game night with your friends or a movie night with everyone taking a turn on picking a movie. 

Whatever your tastes there are plenty of activities to help the winter blues and help you make it through the long cold winter and on to the warm weather of spring.

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