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Quitting smoking is a very difficult ordeal for the majority of people. There are many reasons why this is the case and unfortunately if you have never had the inclination to smoke yourself these reasons may go straight over your head.

Smoking is an addiction. It should not be treated any different to alcoholism or drug addiction. An addiction is an addiction. The same scenarios apply. You cannot quit alone, you have terrible cravings, you have panic attacks and you get immensely frustrated if you cannot have what your addiction is looking for. That cigarette.

Smoking is associated with numerous things. Socialising whilst sipping a cool beverage, chatting with friends whilst enjoying a cappuccino and chatting at work with colleagues whilst on a well-deserved break. Quitting smoking  is  tremendously difficult because you are giving all of these activities up too. At the start anyway. These are routines which you may have become accustomed to on a daily basis and are reluctant to change.

Smoking is about your inner strength and willpower. You need to have an abundance of these qualities to even begin the quitting process. For many this may seen irrelavant but for those out there that are weak willed, it is an enormous challenge. Knowing that you want to quit but your head is pulling you in the other direction is heart wrenching. Knowing you can do it but your cravings are tearing you back to your old ways is tormenting. Worse still is knowing that you need to quit but your addiction grasps you so tight you are unable to break free is devastating.

Smoking may be a pleasure for some at the start but when the addiction sets in it is more of a habit, a need, a want even a must have. Your choices go out the window along with your preference for right and wrong.

So it is a wonder why people do not understand when their loved ones refuse to quit. Refuse to even try or try and fall back off the wagon. It is extremely difficult. Excuses are given by the addicts. Cigarettes are stress relievers, they help me relax, without them I wouldn't get through the day and so on. These are not genuine reasons for smoking. These are well used excuses for the people in society that simply do not understand what a cigarette addiction is truly like. Until you have been in a smokers shoes you will never know the true hardship, distress and commitment that comes with becoming nicotine free.

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