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Side Effects of Jelqing

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"Side Effects of Jelqing"
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Many men dream of having an extra large penis, and they will try any form of penis enlargement drug or technique to achieve this dream. One such form, and indeed the cheapest and most popular form of penis enlargement is jelqing.  Jelqing is a technique aimed at increasing the size of the erect penis permanently. One session of jelqing can last as long as 45 minutes as the technique aims to increase both the length and girth of the penis.  It has been around for centuries and there are several different forms of the technique. While jelqing may provide a desirable outcome it is not without its side effects and health risks. These side effects of jelqing must be taken into account before performing the technique.  

The most common side effect of jelqing is the formation of different colored spots. Small red spots the size of a needle head represent burst capillaries caused as a result of jelqing. These spots will disappear if you take more care when jelqing and perform a proper warm up. However if the spots start getting larger and changing purple you will need to avoid jelqing for a few days to get rid of them.  If the spots are tiny and black in color this indicates a lubrication problem, which should clear up on its own rather quickly.

Possibly more painful and slightly more serious is bruising at both the end of the shaft and the bottom. If the bruise continues to grow, a few days break from jelqing is required combined with some warm massage and wrapping techniques to help the penis heal. Continued jelqing will result in more pain and prolonged bruising.

Another side effect of jelqing is known as the donut effect which affects circumcised and uncircumcised men differently.   A donut shape is formed by fluid gathering near the glans in circumcised men and on the foreskin of uncircumcised men. While the effect is temporary it can also be painful, but fortunately for those suffering only lasts for a few hours.

Two other side effects of jelqing include stretch marks and the appearance of a stretched scrotum.  The appearance of stretch marks can be reduced with a good moisturizing cream, while the appearance of a stretched scrotum along the shaft may be much more difficult to shift.

Jelqing may or may not help men acquire a larger erection, but it is important to consider the side effects of jelqing and whether the possible outcome is worth the pain.  Massage techniques and longer warm up periods will help reduce some of the side effects associated with jelqing.

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