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Sequences for Gentle Hatha Yoga

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"Sequences for Gentle Hatha Yoga"
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With people of different age groups opting for yoga, a series of modified yoga sequences have been evolved. These sequences increase the ease with which you can do the yoga poses. As it is, yoga poses are gentle and avoid any jerky or severely strenuous steps. Generally, there is no sweating it out when doing yoga; neither is there any huffing and puffing. But to enable the aged and the infirm also to be able to do yoga, some of the sequences have been modified to make them relatively easier to do.

Here we describe a sequence for gentle hatha yoga.  Start by sitting on your buttocks on a yoga mat. Do a session of conscious breathing and start the session. Bend forward from your hips and move your arms towards your feet. Hold your feet with your palms and lower your head towards your knees. Pause at this position and then introduce a modification in this cycle in the next step.

Bend your left leg from the knee and place your left foot against your right shin or if you can bend the leg further, place it against your right knee or right inner thigh. Now repeat the above cycle of movements by bending forward from your hips. Interchange the position of your legs and repeat this cycle.

You can introduce another variation here by bending your left leg and turning your shoulders and head to your left. Move your left arm behind your back and place your right palm on the foot of your outstretched right leg or on the floor near the right foot.

Now lift your left arm upwards and curve your left arm over your head. Turn your face up and look at the ceiling. Press your left sit bone on the floor, as there is a tendency to lift it up. If you keep it pressed to the floor, you would experience a stretch along the left side of your ribcage and abdomen. Pause at this stage and repeat this cycle of actions by interchanging the position of your arms and legs.

Now you can sharpen this twist to your hips by lifting the left knee and bring it  near your chest. Turn to your left and wrap your right arm around your left knee and place your left palm on the floor behind your back to support your posture. You can further sharpen this twist by placing your right elbow beyond your left knee. This way, through a sequence of gentle and controlled seated twists you can comprehensively exercise your entire body.


Gentle Hatha Yoga Class


Gentle Hatha Yoga


Gentle Hatha Yoga Classes


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