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Safe Exercises for Obese and Overweight People

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"Safe Exercises for Obese and Overweight People"
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Many people do not understand the difficulties that we as obese and overweight people have to deal with. There are lots of people who think, "Well just get up off your fat butt and do something about it." However, there is no simple solution.

Doing something about it requires discipline, energy, time, and of course knowing what to do about it. Often times it isn't as easy as it sounds, however there are lots of inexpensive, safe exercises that people of all sizes can do to get in shape.


No matter which way you look at it, walking is one of the best options for people of all sizes and shapes. It allows you to start at your own pace and work your way up as you become more and more fit. It is good for the body and helps burn a lot of calories. Additionally it can put a person into their at work target heart range, without causing issues for those who are seriously out of shape. It is one of the safest forms of exercise for those who are overweight, obese, or those who struggle with heart issues.

Floor Exercises

There are several floor exercises that are good for the body and something people of all sizes can use. Unfortunately the ones most people know about aren't easy to preform correctly and are often difficult for larger people to accomplish. These include sit ups and push ups.

However, there are a wide range of exercises, including lifts, calisthenics, and stretches.


While standing up with your feet about shoulder length apart and you hands on your hips, squat down. Try and get your legs parralel to the floor. Don't overdo it. If it hurts don't go down as far or stop and try again another day.


Crunches are better for the back then sit ups. At the same time they are good for abs. Lay on your back with your knees bent upward. Instead of sticking your hands behind your head, which is bad for your neck, cross them in front of you or lay them flat on the floor with your palms down. Then raise your head, neck, and shoulders as far as you can. Hold yourself in place while concentrating on squeezing your abs. Relax into the original position and repeat.


Standing with your feet shoulder length apart place your hands on your knees. Point your toes outward. Lean to the left while bending the left knee and keeping the right straight. Lunge toward the right and then back again. Keep the lunging movement going.

Leg Rises

Leg rises can happen in a wide variety of ways. You can lay on flat on your back and one at a time raise each leg. Or you can turn on your side and raise the top leg. Do counts of ten or fifteen at first. It should make you muscles feel a little tired. These are good for muscle toning (necessary for burning fat) and they can also be used for light cardiovascular work if you are way out of shape and move as fast as you can.

This is a small list and by no means a complete workout. However it is a good place to start and provides a wide variety of work for your body. It is best to do a search on the different types of floor exercises and calisthenics available for you to use.

Weight Training

Light weight training is good for everyone. While burning calories it also helps to develop muscle and toning. Contrary to what many people believe it isn't about getting buff or overly muscular. It is about being fit.

Bicep Curls

Holding the dumbbell at your sides, turn them so that your palm is facing forward. Raise your arm(s). Then gently lower them. This works the muscle in the front of your arm and the back of your arm.

Pec Press

Laying flat on the floor hold the dumbbells such that one fist is on each side of your head with your fists facing forward. Bring the dumbbells up and together in the middle above your head. Gently bring them back down. This works the muscles in your chest and shoulders.

This of course is just a place to begin. For both exercises lightweight dumbbells will be needed. These can be purchased for a few dollars each. Additionally you might want to consider resistant bands. Exercises for both can be searched online.

Remembering to keep it simple and to start out slow is important. It takes the body time to get used to doing exercise. Working your way up is what's best. As you loose weight and as you exercise you will have more energy making it easier to do more exercise. It is also important that you eat a healthy well balanced meal and watch your portion size.

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