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Quick Energy Boost Foods

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Snack wiser by choosing foods that parcel out their energy to you over time, rather than giving it to you all in one rush. These foods also help get you better nutrients, which you need anyway. These foods are great especially in the mid-afternoon, when energy levels routinely plummet.

Nuts To You

The best snack for energy is plain old nuts. Peanuts, walnuts, almonds, cashews it doesn't mater. You do want to avoid candy-coasted nuts and nuts that are heavily salted. If you are avoiding meat for whatever reason, you don't want to skimp on your protein. This is one of the best ways to not only get a tasty treat, but to give your body the protein it craves to get through the day.

If you choose to use peanut butter instead of nuts, try skipping putting the peanut putter on or pretzels and instead putting only a tablespoon (and that's a lot) on celery sticks or an apple. And if you do opt for a peanut butter sandwich (because odds are, you'll be stubborn), skip any jam or margarine. Just peanut butter and bread is all you need.

Apples And Oranges

There are very few fresh fruits that shouldn't be considered as a high-energy snack. They all dole their energy out steadily in parcels over time rather than give you a big sugar rush. Perhaps the best fresh fruit to do this are oranges, which also contains Vitamin C, potassium and folate that your body needs anyway.

That annoying white stringy stuff is actually good for you and you can get used to it gradually over time. It contains fiber and pectin, which not only give you energy, but curb your appetite. Oranges have one of the highest amounts of fiber in any fruit. An average-sized orange can give you up to seven whole grams of needed fiber.

One of the least nourishing fresh fruits is watermelon, although it will at least rehydrate you. If you have to choose between fresh watermelon or a coffee, you are better off with the watermelon.


Another high energy snack that's filling as well as energy boosting is yogurt. Ideally, plain yogurt is best for you. You could mix nuts and raisins in it to make a tastier energy-boosting snack. But, if you're like me, you tend to get flavored yogurt. Well, it's better than nothing and certainly better than coffee and donuts.

Yogurt contains the amino acid tyrosine, which helps not only make you less tired but makes you feel happier. The body loves tyrosine and quickly converts it to dopamine and adrenaline. You also don't have the come-down that drinking a cola or energy drink can give you soon after their caffeine and sugar rush.

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