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Positive Communication and the Benefits Gained from it

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"Positive Communication and the Benefits Gained from it"
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Communication is one of the most significant discoveries of man since the beginning of time. Man learned how to communicate through symbols (written), actions, and speech.

Imagine if the gift of communication has not been instituted, then the world would be in chaos and eternal unrest. Communication though does not concern only the oral but also the written and psychomotor aspects. It is important therefore, that we communicate our thoughts and feelings in a positive manner. What benefits could be derived from positive communication?

1. When a person communicates positively, it means he does this in a happy manner. His words are kind and his actions lively. These positive, physical expressions of communication increase the secretion of the hormone progesterone. Progesterone is one of the vital hormones responsible for several functions in menstruation and pregnancy.

2. A person who expresses himself in a positive manner has less stress because fewer muscles are used. If fewer muscles are used then the person would be more relaxed and less fatigued.

3. When you communicate in a negative manner like when you're angry and stressed out, you stimulate the secretion of cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone secreted by the cortex of the adrenal glands.

The over secretion of cortisol will lead to insomnia, obesity, and lack of appetite. These are all detrimental to health and well being.

4. Positive communication includes the words, thank you, please, and you're welcome.
These are words that demonstrate to the person that you respect him and that you are acknowledging him as a person. These would not only evoke feelings of belongingness but also of appreciation.
Belongingness and appreciation are included in Maslow's Hierarchy of needs. When all of the needs are fulfilled, a person would be considered to be healthy and in a state of well-being.

5. The non-verbal message should also be positive.
Staying close to the person when talking indicates that you are amiable and open to his ideas. These would promote better understanding. A peaceful and positive environment would attract more positive energy.

With loved ones a positive non-verbal message like hugging and embracing would generate camaraderie and more love, and as we are well aware of, love brings out the best in everyone. Even the physiological functions of the body are enhanced; the skin glows, blood circulation is increased, metabolism is unimpeded. This is because positive emotions lower the concentration of cortisol. Positive written thoughts too would have the same good effects.

6. Positive communication also promotes peace and contentment among people. You cannot stay angry with a person who talks to you a calm, soft voice, in spite of your yelling and shouting. What better benefit that you can derive from positive communication than peace and love for everyone?

The importance of positive oral communication cannot be denied especially in this computer generation where "face to face" encounters rule out non verbal cues, so go out and spread the wonder of positive communication.

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