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Overview of Travis Martins Thrive Weight Loss Program

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"Overview of Travis Martins Thrive Weight Loss Program"
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When Travis Martin slimmed down from his original 288lbs, gaining better health along the way, he decided to create a weight loss lifestyle management program. Thus Thrive! which isn’t a diet, was created for the benefit of others with a weight problem. People who sign up for the weight loss program are known as Thrivers rather than dieters.

Thrive! is advertised as a basic nutrition education program which is “about real people eating real food and getting real weight loss results.” Martin promises the program will “re-train your body to become an efficient fat burning machine.” The focus is on food combining of healthy carbs with high protein and green vegetables.

Dieters can sign up for either the seven week standard program at $199, or elect to join the month to month program which costs $99 to register, followed by a monthly payment of $39.95. This is an expensive option as Thrivers can learn the basic ideas in the seven week program, which is the amount of time Martins says it takes to allow new life changing habits to form. Some may prefer the ongoing support of continuing with the plan.

Those who register have access to online classes with support and a weekly weigh in. Additionally they are taught how to read nutrition labels and receive a nutrition workbook and journal. Thrivers report success on online forums though not all reviews are necessarily unbiased. Exercise is introduced gradually into the program.

Whilst a healthy lifestyle change is indeed necessary to facilitate weight loss, the advertised good points of the Thrive! diet appear to be in direct contradiction to the reality. Whilst the promotional material emphasises eating real food the Thrive! on-line store has a veritable array of recommended meal replacement shakes, bars and packet hydrated meals. The products come with high price tags and whilst the diet teaches dieters how to read food labels none of the food labels of the online products are revealed.

Protein powders are sold as the inevitable meal replacement shakes for $34.95 for 32 grams. There are lots of sweet snack options including chocolate crunch bars and powdered chocolate fudge cake, along with typical meal replacement bars and chips. There is even a range of Thrive powdered soup “for those Thrivers who like to have real food every now and then as their snack rather than something sweet.” Quite how packet soup at between 70-100 calories a serving can be described as real food stretches the imagination as well as Thrives coffers.

There are also handy weight loss items to buy which will help to speed the shedding of pounds. The Thrive on-line store sells Cheater’s Relief at $39.95, Lean System 7 advanced metabolic support fat burner and psyllium husk fibrous laxatives. Dieters who don’t want to cook their ‘real food’ can find all their needs met with Thrive entrees, pancakes, pasta and puddings.

Thrive! joins the trend of new diets which aren’t diets, but rather weight loss management programs. Whilst advocating a change to healthier eating the sales of meal replacement foods and fat burners reveals that Thrive! is just another money making diet which sells expensive unnecessary props at the expense of natural healthy foods.

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