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Natural Ways to Prevent Blood Clots

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Blood clots are hardened clumps of blood that can develop for a variety of reasons. Some risk factors are uncontrollable. Age is a major factor in blood clot development and individuals over 65 face a significantly higher risk than the rest of the population. However, other risk factors like weight and activity level can be managed with natural ways to prevent blood clots. The best natural ways to prevent blood clots include exercise, healthy eating, and regularly using fish oil supplements.

Eat a balanced diet:

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, one of the biggest risk factors for blood clots is obesity. Ergo, the most effective natural way to prevent blood clots is to keep a healthy weight. Half of that battle is won in the kitchen with a healthy diet that promotes cardiovascular health. The American Heart Association recommends a diet between 1,600 and 2,000 calories that includes three to five servings of vegetables, four to five servings of fruits, and less than six ounces of meat per day.

Moderate salt intake:

High blood pressure can similarly contribute to blood clots and salt is the biggest dietary culprit. Eat salt in moderation and avoid foods with very high sodium counts to reduce the risk of high blood pressure and prevent the complications that come with it.

Get regular exercise and physical activity:

In addition to diet, the other half of the blood clot battle is won with exercise. Exercise is not only important to maintaining a healthy weight, but also to promote circulation. Sitting still for extended periods of time leads to blood stagnation and potentially clots. This becomes an issue of particular concern for people who frequently take long flights or drives. Try to change sitting positions or stand and walk every hour as a simple natural way to prevent blood clots at work, while watching television, or during extended travel.

Take fish oil supplements:

Fish oil capsules are a great natural way to prevent blood clots. Fish oil is a fantastic source of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. Fish oil has natural blood-thinning properties which help inhibit clot formation.

Wear clothes that fit:

According to the World Health Organization, tight clothing can contribute to blood stagnation and the development of blood clots. As such, one effortless natural way to prevent blood clots is to simply wear appropriately-sized clothing.

Stop smoking:

Smoking contributes to hardening arteries which significantly increases the risk of blood clots. For tobacco users with poor circulatory health, the ideal natural way to prevent blood clots is to stop smoking.

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