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Natural Ways to help Decongest a Baby with a Cold

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"Natural Ways to help Decongest a Baby with a Cold"
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Decongestion is normally achieved in adults by the use of some kind of medication designed to relieve the symptoms of cold and flu, but for babies this is not an option.

When your little one catches cold, it will usually result in congestion, a very uncomfortable feeling for adults and children alike. We feel a natural sympathy when our baby struggles to breathe freely as a result of a cold.

As adults, we will often resort to medication to relieve congestion, but a baby is a different matter. To help our baby cope with the symptoms they experience, we logically search for natural remedies to help them through this period, aiding them to sleep better.

Congestion is a very uncomfortable condition as we will have experienced ourselves and some of the steps we take to relive it are similar to those we can use with a baby. Many have tried steam as a remedy. You may have filled a basin with hot water, put a towel over your head and leaned over the basin to allow the steam to work on you.
We can hardly do that with a young baby, but we could perhaps take them into the bathroom just after a hot shower has been run. The steamy environment may provide a measure of relief.

Using natural oils in small quantities can also be beneficial. Certain essential oils will have a marked effect on congestion, soothing the little one and hopefully helping to clear the blocked passages. This could also include scenting the room where the baby sleeps, giving the place a nice restful aroma that will again work on the congested infant.

Using a cotton bud delicately to help clear the baby's nose will offer limited relief, taking away a build up of mucus that may have gathered. Follow this up with a little drink of warm water to help ease that stuffy feeling.

Some have used humidifiers in the baby's room to help it sleep well and give the room a certain humidity to help ease the discomfort. When a baby is heavily congested, it would be wise to keep a sharp eye on them through this period, perhaps even having them sleep in your room until it clears.

Knowing how uncomfortable this condition is for us as adults, will motivate us to do all we can to help our little one find relief. As the common cold may have to run it's course, all we can do is try to make them comfortable.

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