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Mike Adams and Natural Health News are Pure Synergy

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"Mike Adams and Natural Health News are Pure Synergy"
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In the world of internet information entrepreneurs, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, is near the top of the list.  Mike’s medical view is radical but his business is not.  In fact, his business resembles near perfection in every aspect of internet marketing that an information entrepreneur must address.

Search engine optimization, social marketing and branding experts should review Mike’s websites.  Mike Adams is an excellent example of passionate belief in a product or service.  The pure synergy created by his passionate health beliefs and superb marketing has increased traffic to his website.  Anyone thinking of starting an internet information website should also review Mike Adam’s business success.

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, is a dynamic individual with prominence for tackling one of the toughest subjects available in the health care industry.  The Health Ranger should receive equal reverence in the business world for successfully building an internet information marketing business based upon people oriented capitalism.

Website Traffic Rankings

The Alexa traffic rating fluctuates but is about 6,000 worldwide and 2000 in the US.  Natural News has 4,600 linked sites.  This is an exceptional rating and difficult to achieve – especially if this ranking is achieved organically, as Mike has done.

Since Alexa is a ranking, it is easier to compare his following to a company that you may already be familiar.  Natural News ranks between Nintendo and Leapfrog.  Nintendo has more traffic and its rank is about 3000.  Leapfrog has less traffic and its rank is about 11,000.

Those who are interested in search engine optimization will realize these rankings are hard to achieve.  This is exceptional search engine optimization.

Website Traffic Value $8 million has a series of on-line reports that search engine management professionals use to evaluate the pay per click and organic audiences of website businesses.  Pay per click means that a visitor found the site by clicking on a paid advertisement.  Organic means that the visitor found the site by clicking on the left side of a search page or from a link in an article.  Website owners pay for pay per click readers.  Readers obtained organically are free traffic.

Natural News has readers in at least 20 countries.  The largest reader groups are in the US and France.  In Google’s top 20 search results, about 300,000 US readers visit Natural News each month.  Natural News has equivalent traffic in France.  Natural News receives this traffic free. estimates that it would cost Natural News $8 million per year to purchase the traffic in just these two countries.

Natural News, under the power of Mike Adam’s leadership has attracted a very valuable reader base.  Each day, his newsletter provides the latest health news with tips on how to use this news.  Sometimes Mike includes offers from websites that he uses himself or chooses to endorse.

Who is Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Mike, the son of a pharmaceutical contractor, was a clinical trial tester for large pharmaceutical companies.  He used prescriptions, trusted doctors and believed the FDA.

At age 30, Mike’s physician diagnosed type 2 diabetes.  Mike worked as a high stressed software executive.  Cholesterol, depression and chronic back pain were issues he had to address.  Mike attributes all of these to poor diet and lack of exercise.

Faced with his own health crisis, Mike swiftly researched all options to solve his problem.  In his learning process, he discovered that, “The vast majority of all diseases can be easily prevented and even cured without drugs or surgery,” according to his website bio at Health Ranger.

Living Healthy Without Drugs

Since that time, Mike Adams, labeled the Health Ranger, has been promoting healthy life through education.  He has written 12 books, at least 30 in-depth reports on medical issues and more than 1,600 articles on healthy living.  These writings including many that directly address controversial issues with the FDA and pharmaceutical companies.

Mike is a champion for those who do not understand their illnesses.  He works with entrepreneurs who are starting companies to sell healthy living products.  Mike’s health tips seem normal, except a few items.

1)     Take no prescription drugs or pharmaceuticals.

2)     Select the advice of naturopathic physicians, instead of standard MDs.

These controversial statements provide Mike a great platform to engage conversation – be it written or in person.

Natural News is Mike’s site promoting the health information.  It features articles about new discoveries all written in easily understandable language.  Mike has engaged other writers to help him stay on top of the news.


Mike’s Driving Force is his Passion

The traffic may be free but this level of readership requires knowledge, passion and skill to obtain.  The very best website information entrepreneurs are skilled at developing trust with their readers.  They listen to their readers and are continually feeding the necessary information that leads the reader to make their own buying decision.  Mike Adams, Health Ranger, has honed this skill to near perfection.

The Health Ranger’s colleagues find his wealth of knowledge something to revere, but most admire him for his passion, integrity and mission to tell the truth.

Jay Robb, Clinical nutritionist, and best selling author, says it best.  “Mike Adams is a friend of mine and a man of integrity.  Mike comes from the heart and shoots from the hip.  In his Natural on-line magazine, Mike offers insights, facts, humor and shocking news that truly enlightens his readers to the ways big business in America is hoodwinking us.  He takes a hard stand against the out-of-control-use of pharmaceutical drugs and offers safe and natural alternatives.  Mike walks his talk and is a true inspiration to me.”

Jennifer Mattox, director of Faerie Films, says, “Mike strikes a chord with all audiences in a dynamic and very engaging way.”  Jennifer helped Mike produce a movie, All Jacked UP, which discusses Mike’s beliefs about the destructive influence of food manufacturing and marketing corporations.  Mike discusses how we could become a much healthier and more prosperous society by eliminating multi-million dollar marketing campaigns for unhealthy ingredients in foods.

These Ranger website testimonials are deeply respectful and emotional.  After a review of Mike’s websites, it is apparent that Mike Adams, the Health Ranger has a powerful influence on his audience.

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