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Medical uses for Pacific Bleeding Heart Plants Dicentra Formosa

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"Medical uses for Pacific Bleeding Heart Plants Dicentra Formosa"
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Scientists continue to learn more about the medicinal value of Pacific bleeding heart. They know that bleeding heart helps reduce pain when sufferers place a hot compress on sprains or painful areas of the body. The tincture root can calm anxiety and ease the fear of traumatic episodes. The best time to collect the roots of the plant is the summer as the leaves change color.

Make Bleeding Heart Tinctures

Because this plant has potential poisons in it, tinctures from it is a safer alternative. That means putting a small amount of dried plant root into a jar and adding alcohol to it. When collecting your own, chop up the fresh herb root into small pieces. Fill the jar with alcohol and fresh root pieces. After six weeks most herbs reach their medicinal potential. After that time, the potency will increase.

Poison Alert

Amateur collectors need to use great care with this plant because used the wrong way it can cause sickness or death. Externally, the plant can cause skin rashes. When using this herb use drops to reduce the danger of poisoning yourself.


Asthma sufferers will find positive benefits from this herb. Charles Garcia, an herbalist, suggests using the tincture for quick results. Dosage is anywhere from 10 to 30 drops. As a compress, it works more slowly. Users can place a soaked cotton ball on a sore tooth or a larger absorbent material to relieve pain for a large body part.  

This herb helps all types of painful nerve related illnesses or pains. Surgical scars, fibromyalgia, tachycardia sufferers all can benefit from this awesome herb.

Historical Uses

The American Indians used the herb in a tea to make tonics for coughs, stomach aches and diarrhea. Seeds from this herb alone cured stomach ache. They chewed the roots and leaves to relieve symptoms of colds and allergies and open sores. Also, they applied the roots to bee stings. The tea relieved dizziness. Massaging joints with mashed up roots brought relieve from rheumatism. They also got increased stamina from massaging the legs with this mixture. It prevented head lice.

Where to get Pacific bleeding heart

The herb grows in moist forests. They range all along the Pacific coast. So, collectors can go to the moist forests then make their own mixture. 

Herbalists also have the herb for sale. They will give you a safe dosage and help you to use the herb correctly. Health food stores also make this available, but without the assistance of an herbalist.

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