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Lowering Blood Pressure with Exercise

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"Lowering Blood Pressure with Exercise"
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I lowered my blood pressure alot (160/95 to 125/70) by simply stretching my chest cavity. It takes me 3 days to get results and over the past year my blood pressure has raised when I didn't stretch and lowered when I did stretch my chest.

A how to stretch instruction;
Make your posture perfect, stand upright or sit upright, shoulders back, chest out and widen your rib cage as wide as is comfortable.
It's very hard to do this for along time, so primarily widen your ribcage and try your best to add the other posture perfect postions.

I do this as much as possible during the day nowadays, taking a break when I tire. Initially (first 3-5 days) I did this stretching for 3-6 hours per day, now it's about 30 minutes per day. Every time I see a reminder of high blood pressure I do my simple stretch and wonder what person will get the same results and possibly send this simple blood pressure lowering stretch into mainstream medical arenas.
I call it exercise since it takes effort. It's not really exercise, hence people are more likely to try it. It's something that can be done anywhere and any time.

I've heard of lowering your blood pressure with exercise, but it didn't help me too much. I wonder what the mechanism really is. If you move alot, your blood pressure is lower, but why? If I stretch my chest cavity, blood pressure lowers. I thought to do this because I believed my tight and tense chest was constricting the veins and arteries around the heart. Untighten the muscles and rib cage and mechanically I lower blood pressure. I thought I'd see results in a few hours, but it absolutely has taken me just over 3 days. It's probable that stretching your rib cage also slows your breathing, which relaxes you. The two (stretching and slower breathing) in combination may be needed to achieve my impressive and smile generating results. I've tried slow breathing only, and for me it only had a slight improvement in my blood pressure.

Overall, I just can't believe how well this works for me. I started it because my intermittent visits to a soft touch type chiropractor gave me measurable changes in blood pressure. (I keep a blood pressure meter in my bedroom and measure myself every day. Meters are $30 to $100 and I suggest the ones that automatically inflate if you can affort it. I've had both, and testing blood pressure many time during the day can be tiresome when manually pumping the inflating device on the meters.) I realized that relaxation from the chiropractic treatment may be duplicated by stretching my muscles to have them relax. But I'm not sure since a sample of one person only proves it works for me. I'd really like others to get the same results and publish them.
If you or someone you know has high blood pressure and refuses to take drugs to lower it, please have them try this technique. I quit my Lisinopril medicine and lowered my blood pressure this way. Now I'm wondering what is better, drugs lowering my blood pressure, stretching only, or both?
Good luck, and if you have results, please write back here. Thanks!

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