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Leptin Supplement And weight Loss!

Leptin is a powerful hormone produced in fat cells, in control of ALL other hormones in the body. It is essential for survival, guiding the proper response to starvation.

Since the discovery of leptin in 1994, many have hoped that the hormone would be a promising weight-loss treatment for humans. Leptin acts as a signal to help the body decide when it has eaten enough food to feel full. The amount of leptin in the blood has been directly linked to body fat.

Leptin is a hormone secreted from adipocytes (fat cells) and functions to suppress appetite and increase energy expenditure. Leptin is a proinflammatory in cytonkine.

In contrast, gherlin, a protein known to trigger feeling of hunger, increases during periods of fasting and decreases after a meal. At this time there is no leptin supplement available over the counter.

Leptin has a wide range of effects on physiological functions related to the regulation of body energy balance. Many of leptin's effects are mediated through neuropeptide-containing neurons and neuropeptide receptors in the hypothalamus. The melanocortin system includes both agonist (alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone, alphaMSH) and antagonist peptides (agouti related peptide, AGRP).

Increased melanocortin receptor stimulation following leptin administration plays an important role in leptin-induced hypophagia and increased sympathetic nervous system activity and is partly responsible for leptin -induced weight loss.

However, melanocortins do not appear to mediate some of the more striking centrally-mediated effects of leptin on adipose tissue, including adipose tissue apoptosis, that lead to the extensive depletion of fat.

Insulin, estrogen, testosterone, growth hormone, cortisone, and even brain chemicals all have an effect on increasing and decreasing the balance of Leptin in the body.
There are companies that sell what they claim to be Leptin Supplements. One such company is Healthy Right Now who sell a supplement called LiporexTM.

They claim that you can get your body in balance and put your appetite on the level where it needs to be. With LiporexTM, it is claimed that you can put your metabolism on the level it needs to be on, and that with LiporexTM you can reset your "set" body size.

However the opinion of those within the medical and scientific world seem to disagree with the claims made by Healthy Right Now.

The Experts Say:

Leptin supplement is not currently available on the open market. Leptin is a hormone and the FDA may not allow a hormone such as leptin to be sold over the counter.

Therefore, It is doubtful if there are legitimate leptin diet pills available.
Hence, you cannot buy a leptin supplement.

Therefore, the claims of leptin control or leptin resistance supplements appear to be misleading at this time. There may be herbs or supplements that lower leptin levels, but there is no research at this time to support such claims. Leptin diet, leptin obesity.

Therefore only you can make your mind up as to whether Leptin Supplements work or they don't.

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