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Kratom History use and Effects

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"Kratom History use and Effects"
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Kratom is a tropical tree that is used for its medicinal and recreational properties. It is an extraordinary plant that has been used for a long time; this plant is easy to grow and it is unregulated in the United States. This article will describe the history, use, and effect of Kratom.

Kratom has a long history in the East, and it has been used for its enhancing properties by many people. Kratom is a “tropical tree growing from 15-50 feet tall (5-15 meters) that is native to Thailand and Malaysia;” this plant has been used “for centuries” for recreational and medicinal purposes (Erowid, 2008). Kratom has been used by peasant workers for increased energy, and it has been uses as a remedy for diarrhea for many centuries. The history of kratom is rich in use because of the positive effects of this plant.

The potency in kratom leaves vary highly because of the growing conditions and level of care, but to find high quality kratom for excellent prices visit this site.Dosages cary depending on whether the kratom leaves are fresh or dry. To use kratom half of a large fresh leaf is enough to produce and effect. When using dry kratom leaves a strong dose is about “5 grams,” a medium does is about 3-4 grams, and a low dose is 2 grams (Erowid, 2008). These leaves can be made into a tea, but start with a smaller dose first. This will help you be able to intake kratom easily. There are also enhanced kratom that have kratom extract applied to the leaves. This kratom is more powerful, and you should use it with regard to its potency. The use of kratom has been practiced throughout history, and the effects are interesting.

The effects of Kratom varying considering the method and amount you use. The effect of kratom is interesting because it has both stimulating and sedating effects. When you use smaller amounts of kratom the effects are stimulating, and when using higher dose the effects of kratom can be sedating. Although the lower or higher dosages of this plant can change the intensity of the effect; both sedating and stimulation will occur when you use kratom. Feeling of “euphoria” are also associated with kratom, and some find it to be an “aphrodisiac” (Erowid, 2008). Kratom can also cause a slight hangover feeling and vomiting or nausea so be careful when deciding on a dosage, and remember to start with a low dosage if you are a beginner.

Kratom is a plant that has been used widely in history, and it is used as a tea or chewed. Kratom can cause stimulation and sedation, and it is legal in the United States. This plant has medicinal and recreational properties.


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