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Is Signing a Dnr do not Resuscitate Order Passive Suicide – No

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"Is Signing a Dnr do not Resuscitate Order Passive Suicide - No"
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Death is the finale of life. As with any good work of literature the finale should be written in by the writer.

A DNR is not a lightly taken document and there are many criteria to utilize this document. It is a patients choice as to whether they want "supreme measures" taken to save their lives. It is also very detailed in the circumstances surrounding the death.

Suicide, a word meaning to take ones own life, often referred to as a selfish act of ones own choice to die. Again a choice one should have if that is the way they want their play to end. A DNR is not asking to be killed. It is asking not to be tortured, with extraordinary measures, to prevent the one thing we fear the most...death.

Medical illness is costly both monetarily and emotionally. It taxes the individual and their loved ones in many forms. But to be forced to live a life of pain and suffering because family is not ready to deal with the loss or the government deems it illegal is selfish. Selfish in the worst way.

Pain is the least of the issues here, with modern drugs, but the emotions that a person feels while lying in a bed waiting to die are agonizing. The thoughts of everything they will not be a part of when they go. Watching the ones around them cry and suffer because of their illness. Why would I want to prolong that suffering for them or myself?

I have a DNR. I do not consider it any form of suicide. I consider it a way to save myself and my family from pain that does not have to be suffered, costs that do not have to be incurred, as well as an end to the inevitable and a beginning to life as it is.

I survived the first time and it cost a great deal, if I find myself in a spot where I know that survival is not an option I would not want to burden my family with the bills that go along with keeping someone alive for just a few more days and why torture yourself and prolong the pain of loss?

Death is a part of life. Choosing how one dies should be a part of that script. Since it is not at least we could give the dying a chance to control the end of their story.

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