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Inhalant Abuse how to tell if your Child is Huffing

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"Inhalant Abuse how to tell if your Child is Huffing"
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Are you asking yourself if your child is huffing? Does there seem to be some odd an unexplainable behavior that is taking place? Are you thinking drugs? If your child is having a hard time with their speech, if they seem dazed and confused, maybe sick to their stomach, and just overall looking and feeling as if something were not right then they may be huffing. A runny nose and a strong odor of paint or a harmful chemical can also be present on the clothes, body, and mouth. Also, around the mouth some rashes or sores may be present.

Look around the house and trash for lots of empty cans or containers that should not be there. Huffing will also leave its mark on the face and hands of the addict. Depending on their pattern of abuse they can huff the chemical directly from the can, put it in a brown paper bag, and even soak a towel or cloth in it and inhale it that way. So watch for these
items as well.

Huffing like any addiction is no joke and should be put to a stop immediately. Even the very first time your child tries to huff any chemical it can be their last time. Cardiac arrest is a very common cause of death for people who choose to huff. Huffing can also cause you to choke and drown in your own vomit, severe chemical burns, and other long term effects. Not all of these side effects have to be physical either.

A person who is huffing can also suffer from anxiety attacks, depression, it can affect their school work and overall stability. Areas of the brain that are responsible for things such as hand-eye-coordination, memory, concentration, and even hearing is really affected by huffing.

Your child may also be losing large amounts of weight in a short amount of time as well. If a person continues huffing over an extended period of time they can do permanent damage to their vital organs like the liver, kidneys, and even the lungs not to mention permanent brain damage may also occur.

I knew a 11-year-old little boy who had a very tough life and began huffing paint as well as numerous other gateway drugs. He had just finished huffing and when he was done he lit up a cigarette while standing in his driveway and blew himself up from the inside out. Yes I know that is a very tough thing to read but I hope by reading this article and that personal account of how dangerous huffing can be you will understand the severity of the addiction and do everything in your power to get help for your child or loved one.

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