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Identifying Narcissism

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How do you really tell if someone has narcissistic personality disorder?  When you meet someone with this particular personallity disorder, you want to be able to tell the signs so that you don't get caught up in their web.  More men than women have this condition so keep this in mind.

Listen to them.  A person that is constantly talking about grand schemes, and how wonderful their life is going to be may be showing signs of narcissism.  Be careful in this because there is a difference between just having big dreams and being a narcissist.  Someone with big dreams is likely to say that they are hoping this will happen and will work toward these dreams.  The narcissist expects these things to pretty much show up.  The narcissist is likely to make a lot of promises.  They will promise you new, expensive cars.  They will promise you big, expensive homes, or a big wardrobe, only to renege on those promises later without even trying.

Watch them.  A narcissist is likely to go through many jobs.  They have a hard time holding down a job for very long because they tend to wear out their welcome.  They may go in as a lowly laborer and expect to own the company within two years.  When they don't own the company, they start to push for it, until their boss gets fed up and fires them.

Feel their reactions.  The narcissist is marked by an extreme lack of empathy.  The only feelings that matter are their own, which they may be proud to admit do not exist.  If you cry or have feelings about anything, they are likely to look upon it as a defect or trying to manipulate them.  The thought of manipulation comes from what they would do in a similar position.  They are master manipulators. 

If you see these signs in a person, he are likely a narcissist.  This is a person that you do not want to get too deeply involved with as they will take advantage of you.  Narcissists tend to be abusers, although the abuse is not always physical.  In fact, it may never turn physical if they can manage to keep you under their thumb with emotional abuse and a few threats here and there of physical abuse.  The narcissist is only likely to turn to physical abuse if they think they won't get caught.  This is what makes them so hard to deal with in court should you find yourself divorcing one of them.  They know they're right, even if they're dead wrong.     

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