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How to Remove Dental Floss Stuck between Teeth

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"How to Remove Dental Floss Stuck between Teeth"
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“La dee da.  Hum dee dee.  Oooh!  That piece of floss slipped between my two back teeth, but it does not want to come back out.  Now what shall I do?”

I tried pulling a little harder.  Ouch!  It seemed like the floss was cutting my gums.  How would a bristled pick work?  Ah ha!  The floss got caught on the bristles and was working up out of the tooth a bit - until the bristles softened too much under all the pulling.  I tried a couple more picks, but it seemed like the first bristled pick had done all that a bristled pick could do.

“How about brushing my teeth again?”  Well, maybe it loosened it a little more.  But it was not enough.  “What can I do?  I do not want to spend all night and tomorrow with part of the eighteen inches of floss dangling out of my mouth.  And what if it were to come loose in the night?  I might choke on it.  It must come out!"

“It is loosened a little, so I could try pulling it again.  Yay!  It is working!”  Alas!  The floss did pull out, but it shredded on a chipped corner of my tooth.  Now it felt like there was an uncomfortable lump between the two teeth.

Bedtime had come.  Maybe after a good night’s rest I could think of something else to try.  So off to bed I went.

A new day arrived and with it some new ideas.  First I tried a toothpick.  Perhaps brushing my teeth each time I ate something would loosen it more.  Maybe one of those metal picks like the dentist uses would get it out.  I had gotten one on sale at the store not long before this happened.

All day I tried this and I tried that, but everything I tried only seemed to wedge the little ball of floss in tighter.  Another night had come, and floss was still there.

The morning of the third day arrived and trouble arrived with it.  The floss was still firmly stuck between those two teeth.  My teeth were starting to hurt, and my gums were getting sore.  That floss had to come out!  But how?

There was only one thing left that I could think of.  Chewing gum.  “Well, it is worth a try.”  So try it I did.  It worked!  In about five minutes, the floss was stuck to the gooey gum and no longer tightly wedged between my teeth.  An unscheduled trip to the dentist had been averted.  Thank You, God.

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