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How to Reline your Dentures yourself for a more Comfortable Fit

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"How to Reline your Dentures yourself for a more Comfortable Fit"
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Have you ever gone to your dining room table or a restaurant and come away time- after-time with embarrassment, frustration and disappointment because of your ill- fitting, loose dentures? It happens to many people because their denture is uncomfortable or just plain does not perform exactly as expected at all times.

As any dentist will tell you, after your natural teeth are removed and your denture is installed, there will be natural, normal shrinkage of your gums. After awhile this shrinkage causes your new properly fitted denture to get looser and looser as time goes on. Sometimes the loose denture is the cause of sores or tender places on your gums that hinder you so much that eating and chewing your food is a really painful experience. One alternative or way to solve or fix this problem is to visit your dentist and have him make a new impression or mold of your mouth and then use that mold to permanently adjust and re-line your denture. This can be a rather expensive process since it involves: one or more dental appointments plus a new impression, adjustments to remove rough edges and other professional techniques needed for proper results. Then a couple of years later, because of natural gum shrinkage, you may have to do the same thing all over again.

After I had this experience with my denture, I said to myself: "There has to be a better way." Now there is a way for you to avoid appointments with your dentist to have your dentures (false teeth) re-lined so they fit better. Here's how.

There is a new (Patent Pending) do-it-yourself denture liner kit available. In the kit are four always soft, always flexible compounds that self-stick to the acrylic plastic of any denture (upper or lower). You simply use your fingers to place the compound on the part of your denture (be sure denture is dry before you do this) that touches your gums and roof of your mouth. Put it in your mouth, gently bite until the compound seats itself comfortably. Then remove the denture, sprinkle it with a small amount of denture adhesive powder. The powder helps your denture stick securely while chewing.

This is new way anyone can use to do your own, at home, re-lining of a loose denture and quickly, easily and inexpensively make the denture fit better and feel more comfortable at very low cost compared to what a dentist might charge for the same results.

Many people who have dentures "wear" them hidden in a shirt pocket or pocketbook until it is time to eat. Now is the time to gain the many benefits of this new and easy way to make those same dentures much more comfortable, tighter and more efficient, all without paying more money to your dentist.

As you probably know, a basic requirement for your good health is to eat good, healthy food that is chewed properly. Improperly chewed and swallowed food can lead to many other health and stomach problems. So to avoid those problems, be sure you do everything you can to make your dentures as comfortable as you possibly can.

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