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How to Qualify to Renew your Social Security Disability

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"How to Qualify to Renew your Social Security Disability"
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Having the ability to maintain Social Security disability benefits can be extremely difficult. This is because the government is becoming stricter with reinforcement of rules regarding disability benefits. Many people that previously qualified for disability benefits are being denied when they go to renew their benefits. This is happening because so many individuals are abusing the system that the government must find a way to recover this money loss from abuse of the system.

A person must have documentation of all of their earnings records for the previous 12 months. Provided a person does not have any months that exceed the earning limits, they should have an easy time maintaining their benefits. It is also extremely important that a person does not have assets of more than two thousand dollars at any time. If a person has assets to this level, they will be disqualified from still having access to disability benefits.

A person can go for review approximately every three to five years when the government decides that review of their disability case is necessary. Failure to subject oneself to government review means that the person will not maintain their benefits. Sometimes if a person has a temporary disability that can be overcome, the individual will be asked to provide documentation from their doctor stating that they can no longer work in a full-time capacity. Failure to provide this information will result in a more intense review of the disability case.

Depending on the state that the person applying from, they may be required to attempt to work with the state rehab department to try to find suitable employment. Each state has their own laws regarding the amount of income a person can make while still receiving state disability benefits. The federal level is universal regardless of location, but many disabled individuals received benefits from both their state and the federal government. The more documentation that person has, the easier it will be to advocate for the continuation of their personal disability benefits.

This can be a very emotional process, and many people are intimidated when dealing with the government about disability issues. If a person does not feel comfortable dealing with these issues on his or her own, the option of hiring a disability attorney is always available. Sometimes hiring an attorney can alleviate stresses from the person trying to maintain their disability claim. Many disabled people do not completely understand the laws regarding their benefits, because the laws are constantly changing.

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