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How to Prevent Upset Stomach when Taking Medications

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"How to Prevent Upset Stomach when Taking Medications"
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Sometimes medications are a necessity and taking them daily is vital to your health.  Medications can be anything from prescription pills, vitamins, or antibiotics our bodies need to feel strong and healthy.  However, some medications can make your stomach upset and create that nauseous feeling you don't want to deal with.  Here are some tips for preventing upset stomach when taking medications.  Using these quick and easy tricks, should help you find medication consumption easier on the stomach.

Take your medication on a full stomach.  An empty stomach can create an upset feeling without taking medications.  Add to that a belly full of pills and you may find yourself sick for a good part of the day.  To help prevent upset stomach when taking medications, try putting a little food in your stomach such as toast, a bagel, cereal, or fruit.  Having something concrete in your tummy before consuming medications will help to ease the feeling of nausea and stomach upset.  Some medications are hard on the stomach and eating a small meal before taking any pills will help to keep your tummy calm.  Try allowing the food to digest a bit before medication consumption also, for at least 20 minutes if possible.  Otherwise, take medication halfway through eating to coat the pills with food.

Take medication with a full glass of water or milk.  Consuming water or milk when taking pills will help to prevent upset stomach because you're putting a more natural fluid in your body.  Drinking pop, fruit juice, or anything carbonated and sugary could upset your stomach when taking medication, especially if you have stomach problems to begin with.  It's actually recommended that you take medications with a full glass of water, but if you do not like the taste of water, milk is good for coating the stomach during medication consumption.  Just be sure that you are not allergic milk or do not get sick from drinking milk normally or your could end up with more stomach trouble.  Medications and vitamins taken with water will absorb easier and enter your system at a more relaxed rate.  It is suggested that if you choose to take medications with milk, you should drink either skim milk or 1% milk because they are closer to the consistency of water than 2% or whole milk.

Take medications in the evening or nighttime to prevent upset stomach.  Sometimes, the stomach is more vulnerable in the morning when first waking up.  Taking medications during this time could increase the likeliness of upset stomach.  If this is the case, take your medications at the same time every evening, after eating dinner to help prevent nausea and upset stomach.  Also, some people tend to get sicker at night.  So it is suggested not to take medications right before bed either.  In this case, you may want to take your medications in the afternoon during lunch time.  The time most people tend to get sick to their stomachs is in the morning before breakfast or work, and in the night before bed.  Decide which time is better for you in taking medication to prevent upset stomach.  You may find that afternoon or evening work best to ease an upset stomach.

Some of the medications you take may actually upset your stomach.  If this is the case, talk to your doctor about switching medications or getting a new prescription for an anti-nausea medication.  Talk to your doctor about the medications you take and the ones you think may be making you feel sick.  Sometimes, the medications your doctor recommends have no alternative or work the best and your doctor may not want to change them.  If this is the case, your doctor can prescribe you an anti-nausea medication to ease the upset stomach.  He may also suggest ways to take that particular medication such as by itself, with a certain food, or at a certain time of day.  If you are unsure which medication is making you nauseous, take them one at a time to find out or ask you doctor how you can figure out which medication upsets your stomach.  He'll be able to look up medication information and suggest something for you.

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