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How to Make an Herbal Anti Fungal Skin Cream

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"How to Make an Herbal Anti Fungal Skin Cream"
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For a lot of people, when it comes to skin fungal infections, they usually go for commercially available products to treat the infections. Most of the time, one can find that these products are really expensive though a lot of them are also proven fast and effective in stopping the fungal infections as well as for relieving the discomfort like itching and redness.

You could have heard about the active ingredients before being found in most commercial anti-fungal creams like the ingredients miconazole, clotrimazone, econazole and more. However, it’s good to know that you cannot always depend on these commercial anti-fungal creams because there are herbal preparations that can be made at home.

Before that, it's important to first name some of the types of skin fungal infections. Common forms of fungal infections include ringworm, face fungus, tinea versicolor, athlete’s foot, fungal nail infections, jock itch and fungal hair infections. If you are suffering from any of these, a homemade herbal anti-fungal skin cream can definitely help in treating your condition.

These herbal anti-fungal creams are all natural and plant-based. They are economical and can be as effective as the commercial anti-fungal creams available. Their properties have been studied for a long time and were found potentially effective in treating skin fungal infections.

Actually, you have many herbal options to choose from when you want to make your homemade antifungal cream but two of the most effective is the tea tree oil and garlic.

Tea Tree oil

Tea tree oil is known for its proven antifungal properties. For tea tree oil remedy, you can make a homemade cream of it by using ingredients like avocado oil, shea butter, olive oil plus the tea tree oil extracts. You can prepare them in your homes by first measuring about 4 oz. of shea butter, 2 tbsp. of avocado oil and about 2 tbsp. of olive oil. You can cook them over a saucepan and wait for the butter to melt. When it’s mixed well, you can now add fifteen drops of tea tree oil extract. This is called a “Homemade Shea Butter And Avocado Oil Skin Cream” a recipe that can be found in “Eve Out of the Garden “blog by Deila Taylor.


Another easy to prepare herbal antifungal cream is the garlic paste. Garlic is also known, like the tea tree oil, for its antifungal properties. All you need to do is to crush the garlic manually or use a blender to form a garlic paste. You can apply this paste on the areas affected at least once a day and it can significantly help to clear up the fungal infections.

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