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How to Live a Drama Free Life

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"How to Live a Drama Free Life"
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No Matter How Big Your Situation, Stand Your Ground:

I've learned to live a fairly "drama free" life. It wasn't easy to do, but it's 100% possible! There are just a few things you have to accept:

First: You have to accept that you can't fix everything! There are going to be situations in your life that you can do absolutely nothing about! So, you can do one of two things; you can cry over it and throw yourself into a headache inducing pity party, or you can stand strong and believe and hope for the best.

Second: Worry gets you nowhere! It doesn't solve your issues nor does it get you any closer to a solution! So, drop the worry!

Third: Cut some ties! If there are people in your life that are constantly contributing to your drama, as hard as it may seem, cut them loose! They will be hurt and maybe even angry, but if they aren't lifting you up, then they're tearing you down! Give them one chance and one chance only and if they can't be an encouragement to you then cut'em loose!

Fourth: Learn not to give a rat's ass! Sounds funny, doesn't it? Well, it's true! If someone gets in your face and calls your mother a whore, then smile and say "thank you". If someone jumps up in your business and calls you every name in the book, first ask yourself, "is what they're saying true?", then smile and say "thank you". Don't sweat the small stuff! If it's not going to change your life or future in any way, then it's not worth letting it get to you! Got it!

Lastly: Keep your chin up! Maintain a positive outlook and see the good side of things! Use your situation as a chance to grow stronger, smarter and wiser! Don't allow people to contribute to your mood! YOU control your emotions! Not your ex, your parents, your friends, or family! ONLY YOU!

Now, ask yourself how I know all this will work! Because I live it! What experience do I have that allows me to give such strong advice? Well, let's see, living as a child who was beaten on a regular basis by his step mother and she'd pull knives on me, attempting suicide 3 times before I became 18 years old, living through 3 divorces, living through a child I call my own being ripped to shreds and living to walk again, losing everything I have to my name not once, but 3 times and having to start over from nothing each time, and many more instances that are, frankly no ones business but my own......I'd say I've earned the right to tell you what works!

People, it's like the title of this blog says...."No Matter How Big Your Situation, Stand Your Ground!". It's not the situation that effects your life, but how you walk through it! You can either face your life lying down or feeling sorry for yourself or constantly worrying, which will eventually effect your health, or you can take the bull by the horns, dig your heels in and throw that bison on his back!

It's time to make your life Drama Free!

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