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How to help a Loved one who is Slowly going Blind

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"How to help a Loved one who is Slowly going Blind"
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There are many ways to help a person that is struggling with going blind. This can be a very difficult emotional time for the individual because they are losing their freedom. This means that they need emotional support as well as the consistency of a safe environment. Helping them to become aware of services that are available for people with visual impairment is very important. Also contacting local agencies that provide equipment that is adaptive for people with vision issues can be very beneficial. It is important to consider the possibility that a person with visual impairment might require some counseling.

This is because they will have to deal with their emotions regarding the loss of independence that they are about to experience. Finding a way that they can still be a vital member of the community is very important. Finding the time to discuss their feelings with them on a regular basis is also extremely beneficial. Signing them up for books on tape can be helpful so that they have something to do with their time. Going to local agencies that have access to working dogs can be helpful if the person is in need of assistance. A dog for a visually impaired person is very helpful so that they can maintain their personal independence.

Furthermore, technology allows people with visual impairments to maintain independence by using technology to communicate. Helping the individual to purchase and set up speech recognition software can be very helpful to them so that they do not feel isolated from the community. Going to support groups with the individual is also a good idea so that they can understand that they are not viewed differently because of their disability. It is important that the layout of rooms is not changed on a person that has visual impairment. Any change to the layout of the room should be talked about before it takes place.

This is because a person with visual impairment is likely to count the number of paces in between large objects so that they do not injure themselves. Consistency is the most important thing for an individual that is struggling with the loss of their vision. Any abrupt changes can lead to injury and danger for the visually impaired individual. If the person is not adapting well to the changes that are happening with their body, offering them extra assistance for a while is recommended. However, it is very important that they not become dependent on the assistance; otherwise there is a very high chance that they will become depressed because of their lack of personal independence.

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