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How to Fight Hunger Pangs

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"How to Fight Hunger Pangs"
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The grumbling calls of a rumbling stomach cry out for food to satiate its demands, yet for those attempting to lose weight by reducing their normal food intake it is often the case that their brains are tricking their stomachs. Hunger pangs can be a psychological response to the notion of deprivation as the dieter waives from their normal pattern of eating and their usual expectations of food.

Many who are overweight are accustomed to feeding the hunger pangs with foods lacking healthy nutrition. However, this can result in yet more hunger as the body’s needs are not satiated by foods lacking basic nutrients. A few hunger pangs never killed anyone and there are a variety of ways of dealing with them to alleviate the sense of discomfort.

In the quest for weight loss healthy eating needs to be adopted. A nutritious breakfast to start the day is an excellent way of keeping hunger pangs at bay. Foods that contain fiber are more filling and opting for oats and fruit is a good way to start the day. If hunger hits before lunch then the best method of tackling it is to drink water. Drinking water will often satisfy the hunger pangs, but dieters should not be tempted to opt for diet sodas as an alternative to water as the chemicals actually provoke a demand for sugary treats. As Cheryl Forberg R.D., author of Flavor First explains, “artificial sweeteners might also dull the taste buds—meaning you eat more high-flavor, high-calorie foods to satisfy your cravings.”

If the dieter feels they must give in to hunger pangs before a regular meal time, then a good solution is to reach for fruit and vegetables to fulfill the craving. Crunchy vegetable sticks are a nutritious choice that won’t result in weight gain. Dieters who are attempting to break unhealthy food habits may at first find fruit and vegetables an unappealing option, but should not give in to lazy choice of processed snack foods to bridge the gap between meals.

Black coffee and tea can help to quell hunger pangs too, and those who find water unappealing should spruce it up with natural additions such as lemon slices, mint leaves, or cucumber slices. Greek yogurt packs a high protein punch, and milkshakes made from low fat milk and blended fruit are a far healthier alternative to diet shakes that come in a packet with the addition of numerous chemicals.

Ditching junk food, processed food and sodas in favor of a healthy, nutritious diet will help to alleviate hunger pangs as the body adjusts, as bad dietary habits cause the body to crave good nutrients. As healthy eating habits develop, the body’s craving for the habitual junk which contributes to weight gain will recede.  

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