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How to Donate Blood for Money

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"How to Donate Blood for Money"
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Generally, blood donation facilities do not pay its donors. Other blood products, on the other hand, are in high demand and centers will gladly pay you for your time and blood product. If you are in excellent health, do not use recreational drugs, and are looking for a a unique way to possibly help save a life while making a few bucks on the side, donating your blood and blood products may be of interest to you.

To find a donation site in your area, be sure to visit Not only do they have a listing of blood banks that pay you cash for your plasma, but they also list additional information about how often you can donate.

-How does the process work?

Before you make your first donation, you will be required to fill out an extensive form detailing your health status. Because your donated plasma will be given to people with very severe health problems, it is essential that you are in excellent health and have not been exposed to any source of infection. Initially you will be asked to give a very small sample of your blood. This sample will be analyzed and used to determine whether you are eligible to donate.

Once you have completed the screening process, you will be taken to a room where you will be instructed to lie back in a comfortable chair while they draw your blood. Depending on how much blood product you are donating, and whether your plasma will be separated into its various component, the process can take more than an hour.

-What blood products are needed?

Blood products that are in high demand include platelets, red blood cells, and plasma.

-How often can I donate?

From a health standpoint, it is perfectly fine for you to donate up to twice a week. Your body is constantly making new blood to pump through your circulatory system, so you don't need to worry about depleting your own blood supply. However, blood banks will not permit you to donate at more than one facility. To ensure that you are not "double donating" you'll be marked with a special sort of ink, similar to that used by amusement parks that allow re-entry privileges.

-How much will they pay?

Although each donation center has its own pay scale for donors, you can expect to earn at least $20 in cash for your donation.

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