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How to Deal with someone who has Narcissistic Personality Disorder

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"How to Deal with someone who has Narcissistic Personality Disorder"
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Narcissistic personality disorder is difficult for anyone dealing with the disorder to deal with.  This includes the family and friends of the affected individual.  Someone with this disorder constantly thinks they are correct about everything.  This is coping mechanism because they are actually very insecure.  This reality is something that they cannot deal with, so they make themselves feel better by always feeling in control of what other people think.  These individuals believe that it is impossible for them to be wrong.

In many cases, they will mirror image the behavior of a person they cannot do themselves the service of telling the truth.  This is because most of the time the truth is something that they do not want to base their life around because they cannot guarantee themselves the outcome of their life that way.  Having conversations with someone with this disorder can be difficult, they will deny ever saying anything that makes them look bad or in any negative light.

This person gets severe satisfaction out of making you feel responsible for their actions.  They will claim that you are the  one with problem and that you need to change your behavior to soothe their emotions.  There is an emotional high that a person with the tendency of a person with this illness will gain from getting a reaction of seeing you upset.  When you show that you are bothered by how they are feeling, they will immediately try to make you feel worse to see how far they can push the limitations of what you can handle.  Even worse is the fact that they can manipulate other people into thinking that you abandoned them.

The sense of power that an individual that has this disorder gains from the manipulation of emotions eventually proves itself too much.  Many times these people end up very lonely because they do not take personal responsibility for their own actions.This means, that social interaction with individuals with this personality disorder can never really be normal.  They use people for their benefit and then discard them when they have out lived their usefulness.

This is not something that most people realize until they are so deeply involved in a relationship with this individual, that they themselves need counseling just to figure out why they were drawn to such a manipulative person.  The fact Is, overcoming feelings of insecurity related to this personality disorder can take years if you allow yourself to feel badly about things that are not your fault.

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