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How to Achieve Daily Bowel Movements

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"How to Achieve Daily Bowel Movements"
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The Art of Elimination

Who would have ever thought of the process of daily elimination as an art?

Certainly not I. In fact, I was so revolted by the procedure of elimination that even as a child I tried my best not have bowel movements. I succeeded, spending a lifetime being constipated, all because my mind was constipated about the subject of elimination.

Well, no more. Now I even give seminars about the art of elimination to large audiences. I am still quite fastidious about my language while discussing the digestive system, but other than that, I get right down to the basics.

Because proper elimination is the corner stone of our health.

If we do not have healthy bowel movements two or three times a day, we are like the tunnel that had three trains go into it, and only one train came out. THERE IS A WRECK IN THE TUNNEL. And that wreck in our intestines is the starting point for all illness.

To quote Dr. Bernard Jensen from his book Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management, "90% of all illness starts in the bowel."

To be healthy, we have to make sure our whole being that is body, mind and spirit is fed. For this article, we will just deal with the body. To keep the body healthy, we need nutritious food, pure water and lots of fiber to operate our digestive system and obtain life-giving nutrients.

Less than two ounces of the many pounds of food we eat each day is all the required nutrition to feed our body. The remainder is waste that must be excreted. If we eat three meals a day, we must move our bowels three times a day.

The only way we can have bowel movements that clean our intestines thoroughly is by drinking a minimum of two quarts of pure water daily and eating a great deal of fiber every day. The U.S. Surgeon General recommends 35 grams of fiber per day, and various health gurus recommend 50 grams of fiber daily. In actuality, the average North American diet comprises less than 10 grams of fiber daily.

In Africa, where the population eats a great deal of fiber, little meat and NO processed food, bowel cancer is unknown. The peristaltic action of the bowel needs the roughage to move along the meat and dairy products that have absolutely no fiber content. The bowel also needs lots of water to wash all that food through the 30-foot digestive tract that starts at our mouth and ends at our bottom.

When fiber scrubs the colon clean, the body can absorb the nutrients from the food eaten. But when the colon is not clean, there is a build up of old dried fecal matter that prevents nutrients from being absorbed through the intestinal walls and nourishing us. We can STARVE, no matter how much we eat. This condition is known as Malabsorption Syndrome.

The only reason we have to eat so much is that all our food and drink has to be internally processed to extract the beneficial nutrients.

To get healthy, we have to clean the inside of the body daily, just as we daily clean the outside of our body. There are lots of other parts of the body that need cleansing too, but you must start in the geographic center of your body the digestive system.

Your daily assignment from the day you were born until the day you die is to clean your digestive tract.

Unless your bowel is working perfectly three bowel movements daily, each the diameter of a banana, about a foot long, fully formed and floating on the water in the toilet bowl you need to get your digestive system in order to get healthy, which includes losing weight as a side effect.

One tool we need for the job is a herbal tea that is strong enough to dissolve any debris or toxins that get left behind as the food passes through us, and yet is safe for our system. Since I am physically incapable of eating 35 to 50 grams of fibrous food a day, I found a fiber mixture with psyllium husks and 29 other healing herbs to create the right brushing action just like a 30-foot long bottle brush. These two tools encourage natural peristaltic action to do the job well.

And pure water, water that I like, that my body likes. We must drink a minimum of eight large glasses of room temperature pure water (no chlorinated tap water) each day. Juice, coffee, tea or soda pop do not count in calculating the eight glasses of water. They don't count for the same reason the windshield on your car would not get clean if you threw tomato juice or soda pop on it. Think of it another way would your body feel clean if you bathed in these liquids?

Daily elimination is an art that must be practiced if are to avoid or expel all physical ailments from our body.

Most of us would never have gotten sick if this information had been introduced to us as children.

And yet it was introduced to me as a child. My mother told that everything I swallowed came out my bum! As a curious four-year-old, I had to see if this was true and so I swallowed a white marble. Sure enough, the next day I got my marble back.

But when I wanted to discuss this amazing experiment, I was told it was not appropriate to talk about. So I constipated my mind about the subject, as well as my body, for the rest of my life.

And so did most of us. To bring back natural health, we have to get back to talking about natural functions without embarrassment and with complete candor, especially with our children.

If we don't have healthy bowel movements, we have work to do. If we don't, we could be starving to death and have a train wreck inside of us.

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