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How Long does it take for Burns to Heal

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"How Long does it take for Burns to Heal"
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Burns can result from a variety of causes. One of the most common causes would be scalds from hot water or liquids. Other causes include exposure to flames, coming into contact with hot objects such as a hot stove or iron, chemical burns, electrical burns and even over-exposure to the sun.

While some burns may be minor and can be easily treated, more serious burns require medical care. Burns should be treated as quickly as possible to minimize the damage to the skin.

Generally, the healing time of a burn varies and depends on the type of burn, its cause and severity how badly the skin is affected. Another factor to take into consideration is that every individual is different and it is difficult to offer a specific time-frame for the healing.

For mild burns, commonly categorized as first-degree burns, damage is limited to the top layer of the skin and healing time may be as short as 3 days. Generally it takes between 3 to 6 days to heal, although the skin over the burn may peel off within 2 days.

Second-degree burns are more serious and produce blisters and severe pain. There is a reddish appearance on the skin. These burns normally involve the layers of skin beneath the top one.

Usually, second-degree burns take between 10 to 14 days to heal depending on the severity and the care and treatment given. There may be scars if the burn is extensive.

The most serious of all burns are classified as third-degree burns. These burns affect all the layers of the skin and the underlying tissue. Unlike other burns, there may be little or no pain because of nerve damage at the burn area. However the areas surrounding it may be very painful.

Do not attempt to treat third-degree burns yourself. Professional treatment is essential. The burn victim will require hospitalization and in more severe cases be treated at a burn center.

Third-degree burns are likely to require skin graft treatment. This is done by taking healthy skin from another part of the body, and placed over the affected area to heal it. Scars may be removed by plastic surgery.

Healing may take days or weeks depending on the severity of the burn.

In addition to conventional medical treatment, the addition of alternative therapies can help expedite the healing process. Reiki, for instance, has been used by many to reduce pain and enable the person to heal without scarring, thus eliminating the need for corrective surgery. Pranic healing is another energy healing modality that can be used.

Home remedies include the application of Aloe Vera onto the affected part to soothe the pain. The Aloe Vera is a useful plant to have in one's garden. It is said that even the FDA has acknowledged the amazing healing properties of the Aloe Vera.

Meditation can also be effective as it calms the mind and the body, allowing healing to take place.

While all these remedies play a part in the healing process, it is always important to seek out professional medical help for burns. The sooner proper treatment is applied, the sooner the burn area can heal.

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