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How is Oxecta Painkiller non Addictive and non Abusive Compared to Oxycodone

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"How is Oxecta Painkiller non Addictive and non Abusive Compared to Oxycodone"
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  Prescribed Opioid analgesic Oxycodone (Brand name OxyContin) relieves and blocks extreme pain, caution miss - prescribed, dangerously addictive and abused.1  Opiod derived from medicinal opium poppy plant. 2 Since 1939, the OxyContin prescribed to alleviate severe pain associated to arthritis, lower back pain, fractures, discomfort relief from childbirth and frequently administered to treat pain in cancer patients.  Addicts of Oxycodone seek frequent induced unsupervised euphoria or pain relief. 3 In 2009, the epidemic use of Oxycodone attributed to the 1,185 related deaths, reported by Florida medical examiner. 6  Oxycodone addicts ingest, inhale the drug (snorting) or inject the medication after dissolving in water. 3 Frequently reported in the news, people stealing Oxycodone or purchase the "poor man's heroin" (OxyContin). The addictive crisis use of the OxyContin, provides a scoundrel economic benefit for illegal and legal sale of the drug: "Street prices vary depending on geographic location, but generally OxyContin sells for between 50 cents and $1 per milligram. Thus, the same 100 - tablet bottle purchased for $400 at retail pharmacy can sell for $2,000 to $4,000 illegally." 5 Emergency rooms have reported increasingly alarming number overdose cases of OxyContin  and drug treatment programs seen more addicts, seeking substance abuse help. 8 

  The Food and Drug Administration concerned pain killers especially Oxycodone (OxyContin) increasingly being miss-prescribed and steadily becoming more addictive. The FDA seeks pharmaceutical controlled release methods and preventive abuse of the drug OxyContin. 7 State Legislatures have taken legal action by requiring documentation when the drug is dispensed and creating databases that monitors the sale of Oxycodone to individuals. 9

 In June 20011, Acura Pharmaceuticals received a trademark patent Aversion Technology, prevent the addictive and abuse use of opioid analgesic drugs by an added compound. 10 Pfizer Pharmaceutical and Acura Pharmaceutical have a strategic partnership. On June 20, 2011 - The Food and Drug Administration approved the sale of Oxecta a painkiller, distributed by Pfizer pharmaceutical. The drug developed by Acura and King Pharmaceuticals (previous name Acurox), Pfizer bought King drug company for $3.6 billion. Oxecta similar to OxyContin, however not addictive: Crushing or dissolving the drug will not induce a euphoric reaction, since the drug contains a compound developed by Aversion technology, irritates the nose if it is snorted. 11 Acurox is the first drug that contains oxycodone and ingredients preventing opioid illicit use. 12 

 Citibank Investment Research analyst John Boris estimates the sale of Oxecta could reach as high as $100 million. 11  In July 2011, Acura Pharmaceuticals said it received $20 million payment from its partner Pfizer Incorporated. 18 Estimate royalties to Acura Pharmaceuticals five to twenty-five percent, depending on sales of Oxecta. 14

     Pfizer and Acura Pharmaceuticals advice Acurox should not be prescribed for asthma, upper-airway obstruction or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) people. Information regarding side-effects of Oxecta: "Common adverse reactions include nausea, constipation, vomiting, headache, itchiness, insomnia, dizziness and lack of energy, the companies said." 13  "Oxecta can cause side effects that may impair your thinking or reactions. Be careful if you drive or do anything that requires you to be awake and alert." 16  Oxecta should be available for sale in the third quarter or early fourth quarter of 2011. 15

 Potentially Oxecta could save millions of lives. United States Regulators and health care officials believe an alternative to Oxycodone, prevent abusive use of this well known painkiller, besides prevent countless number of deaths. 11 The compound found in Oxecta prevents 'great elation', resulting from an overdose of Oxycodone. 17

  A second abuse-resistant formulation of oxycodone is Remoxy by Pfizer Pharmaceutical: Non-abusive long-acting pain relief. 15  "Remoxy was developed by Durect Corp. and licensed by Pain Therapeutics Inc. Pfizer now holds a sublicense from Pain Therapeutics." 11  In June 2011, the Food and Drug Administration second time denied approval of Remoxy. Pfizer will address safety concerns, regarding FDA approval sale of Remoxy. 16


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